Monday, August 13, 2007

The "Dog Days" of Summer

The Dog Days of summer have arrived!! Last week was a scorcher with the high for each day being around 104 degrees at 3:00 or 4:00!!Yes, you are reading that thermometer right!! It really does say that it's 104 degrees!!! It got much hotter than that though.... it read 107 toward the end of last week. Needless to say the indoors held much appeal to us!!!

Sayre really knows how to relax!! He was engrossed in a book all last week, and we often found him in this kind of a position, reading!! Just add an ice cold glass of lemonade and he was set!!

The "Dog Days of Summer" aren't just for dogs you know!!! Cats' get overheated too!!!

Isn't he just to cute???? He loves to have his drinks with ice!!! (ed. note: we have somehow lost all the "plugs" to Sawyers sippy cups. Hence he gets wet allot!!! :o)

Not all of us are happy during the dog days of summer!

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