Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sewing Pictures!

Several weeks I posted that I was working on some sewing projects. It took me about two weeks to get two blouses and one skirt made; every time I had plans to sew something would come up, so I had to find time to sew. Today I'm posting some pictures of how the projects turned out.
Here is one of the blouses I made and the skirt!!! The skirt is a Khaki colored corduroy and will be perfect for winter! I absolutely LOVE this pattern as it is full but not A-Line. It has a yoke for a waist which I like much better than a A-Line waist. The pattern is Simplicity #9825 and I used view D There are no slits or "kick pleats" to enable you to walk as the skirt is full enough to walk or run in! As an added bonus, it is so easy to make and would be a great project for a beginner!

This is one of the blouses'. They both are the same design with the exception of the collar. I did a normal collar on the yellow blouse. This blouse was made out of linen/polyester (I think) and it is so comfortable! I especially like the "stand up collar"-do they call them Johnny collars'?- and have wanted one for quite some time!! This blouse was very easy to make.... once Momma got my problem figured out!!! This was the first time putting in sleeves by myself and I'm pretty happy with how the turned out! The yellow blouse is rayon and it was rather slippery at times, but it looks fine!! The pattern is a Butterick (Fast and Easy) #B5034 and I used view A for both blouses, although I did use the collar from view D. I didn't have any problems doing that.

I thought I would close with a goofy picture! Mom was in the mood to fix my hair (the boys' hair isn't long enough for her to put up in buns or pigtails!!) so I fiddled with the camera! If you want to know who this is, leave me a comment and I'll post the name!

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