Monday, December 10, 2007

Bunny Happenings

A week ago yesterday, Sayre's "mama rabbit" had her second litter of babies! Sayre had been watching her and was beginning to wonder if she was really expecting as she was several days over her due date. Imagine his surprise when he went out and checked on her after church!

"The Nest Box"
Daddy helped Sayre build this nest box soon after he lost a baby to falling out of the cage. This is probably the second litter he has had in this box.

"An Afternoon Nap"
This is what I found when I opened the cage this afternoon! The nest must have been to hot for the little guys!

"In the Tunnel"
I have not exactly figured out the anatomy of a rabbit nest. I usually just pull hay and fur off until I find the babies. It's really warm in there too! This little guy looks like he's coming up for air!
Baby rabbits do not have fur when they are born; they either pink (white fur), gray or black (same for the fur), or tan (brown fur). This litter has three black and three brown babies. See the brown baby on the bottom????? His eyes are just beginning to open!
"Momma Rabbit"
I think her name is "stormy" and she is the rabbit that I got Sayre for Christmas last year! You can see where she has pulled our her fur to line the nest with.

"How Cute is This?"

Sayre also bought several rabbits Friday night. These are two female "Lion Heads".
They are rather skittish but knowing Sayre, he'll have them tamed before very long!

"Look at that Hair!"
Yes, this rabbit has WILD hair!!! It has longer hair and is pretty soft. It looks like it has an attitude most of the time!
Sayre built new cages for these guys over the weekend and I must say that he did a pretty good job!
Well, to coin a phrase, "That's All Folks!"

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