Saturday, December 29, 2007


My friend Chelsey has been staying with us the past several days and we have been having a blast! She brought her rabbits and goats to take care of as it didn't make sense to me to drive back and forth to her house every day. As it turns out, her goats have kept us all on our toes!

"Look at what's on Grandmas' lap Momma!"
She has three goats and has raised them all from birth. She has bottle fed them, which means getting up several times at night to feed them. Thankfully, she only has one that really needs to still be bottle fed.

"Feeding the kids"
She still feeds Cider (the bigger goat pictured above) and Pickle (the smaller) several times a day. Pickle is only two and a half weeks old and needs to be fed every three hours or so. Sawyer loves to watch and be around the "baby doughs" as he calls them! I managed to get him to keep the hat on long enough to get a picture!

"Don't leave us........"
Cider and Pickle follow Chelsey around everywhere! It's so funny to see her running around with several goats right on her heels!

"Goat herding"
Billy is probably over a month old and eats grass now. He's found that he can eat tasty things through Mommas garden fence and is no longer interested in "socializing" with the humans!

"Afternoon Feeding"
You should see these things knock each other around when Chelsey brings out the bottles! Poor Pickle, he's so little and so hungry........

"Since I can't have that bottle, I will not pose"
I get the biggest kick out of hearing the goats bleat, when I'm all the way up at the mailbox! We all volunteer to hold Pickle or congregate quickly when we know the goats will be out! They're a sight to behold!

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