Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just For Fun

This is hilarious! and, I think to an extent, true! Sawyer likes me to play it over and over and he sits enraptured through the whole song!! Click HERE if you are ready to watch.....
On another note, I apologize for the lack of posts of late. Shall we just say that life can keep a person busy?! Maybe tomorrow......
Oh, and for the Jane Austen and Elisabeth Gaskell fans out there, those of us at home last night started the movie "North and South". It's a two disc DVD and our dear mother would only let us watch the first disc!!! We did all we could to let her FINISH the movie, which would've meant getting to bed around 1:00 this morning, but to no avail. SOOOOOOOOOOO, we're finishing it tonight!! We can't wait! It's a GOOOOOD movie and one that I'm going to get... as soon as I can!
Off to make supper!


Ella said...

North and South is one of Gabrielle's and my favorite movies. We bought it last summer and enjoy watching it whenever we have a girls' night. When we first watched it, we only intended to watch the first half, but we got so into it that, unlike how disciplined you all were, we stayed up far too late to see how it would turn out.

We lament that women have thrown away the elegance of the dress of those days for the ugliness of looking like a man today. And we also grieve that gentlemen like Mr. Thornton are few and far between.

Mrs. G.

(Ella's mom)

praying4more said...

I forgot to say that when we recommend North and South to people we always stress that is a movie based on Elizabeth Gaskell's novel. Some people have assumed we were talking about the Civil War mini-series of the same name. And since that is filled to overflowing with adultery, we would absolutely NOT be wanting our friends to think we are encouraging them to get that movie.

Mrs. G.

(the last comment was from me....I was signed in on my daughter's account instead of my own)

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment Mrs.G! Yes, we too had to make a distinction between the two "North and South" movies when telling the boys about what we were watching. I did not know the Civil war mini-series was something that was not appropriate, so thank you for the warning!
Our "discipline" in not watching the whole movie on Wednesday night, was brought on by our Mother. Us kids wanted to bad to finish it and spent ten minutes pleading with her. But, in the end I'm glad we waited! It was worth it!