Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Results From Day Two of Challenge

Earlier this morning I posted five things on my to do list:
1) give piano lesson
2)put away Thanksgiving/fall decorations
3)practice Horn
4)strip laundry room door
5)make and put up a garland
Crystal had mentioned in her post "If other things come up which are more important, be cheerful and flexible", and of course I thought "that won't be a problem for me!". Soon after reading her post I found out that my piano students were not going to be able to make it for their lessons! WOW!! That was a whole extra hour and a half that I now had!!!! Here's how I used it....
First off, I used my unexpected free time to begin practicing my Horn. My teacher and I were both trying to practice at least three hours this week, and unfortunately I'm sadly behind due to a soap show on Saturday and a cold that has been plaguing me since last Friday. I did get in a good forty-five minutes of practice before my lip "left me"!

Since it's the Christmas season, I have plenty of Christmas Duets to work on (my teacher and I just like playing them... we aren't planning or involved anything), and that's the majority of what I was running through before I remembered all of the other things!

The BIG thing on my list today was getting the other side of this door stripped. It has had a black stain on the panels that Daddy hasn't been able to get out. It had probably been stripped one time before I got to it.

I'm not sure if the "new and improved" stripper is working or not! I was more concerned about how cold my fingers were getting!! They were going numb!

Then to top the day off, I finished a project that wasn't even on my list today!! I finished this mitten!!! Now the question for you is, what is it for????? I'll post a picture of it's use as soon as I can!
No, I didn't get to make my garland but that's OK! I want to have a whole afternoon to make it, that way I can remember doing it and do a really good job on it!

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