Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Week In Review

This past week was a doozy! It was our "crunch week" as we had allot to accomplish before the weekend! Grandma will be here this Friday and we are hoping to "kind of sort of" have things "in order"!

It all started a week ago yesterday (Saturday) with Trevor building closets in Daddy and Momma's new bedroom. One of the closets has ductwork running through a good portion of it, so he's going to frame that part in.

Daddy spent the day priming the new laundry and sewing rooms. He's a very particular and clean painter!
On Monday Momma and the boys started the painting process in full force. The goal was to get a coat of paint on the bead board in the foyer by the end of the day; and they did!
Reminds one of Rainbow Row in Charleston doesn't it?
By Wednesday this is what things were beginning to look like. The foyer was officially done and the laundry room just needed paint on the beadboard.
Where was did I fit into the painting process? Well, I didn't. It turned into a week where I did nothing besides fill soap orders, give piano lessons, and keep the house straight. Looking back, it was a very busy time but a very fruitful time as well. I've learned much during this past week that I won't readily forget.
Trevor had the day off on Friday so he, Tristan, and Collin painted the sewing room. It's a light pink color and is going to be a very cheerful room!
We also managed to fit in Collins' sixteenth Birthday on Thursday. He was the happy recipient of LOTS of reading material!

Grandma, are you SURE you really want to spend Christmas with us?!

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