Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Making Your Home a Haven Challenge

Yesterday Crytal over at Biblical Womanhood started a challenge on "Making Your Home A Haven" and even though I'm not married, I knew that I could help my Mom and put forth a little more effort in the housework. I wasn't able to do much of anything yesterday, but today I'm really working on it!

From her Post

Today's challenge:

"1) Refresh your spirit (5 minutes)Like yesterday, brew a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa, and sit down for a few moments of quiet with the Lord. I encourage you to take some time to pray over your day - bringing the activities planned before Him and asking Him to go before you and bless your endeavors for His glory.

"2) A few minutes of strategic planning before you begin your day can not only help you to be much more productive, but it can also save you a lot of time.If you have not done so, make a short to-do list for today of things you need to do or would like to accomplish. Keep your list it to ten items or less."

I really benifit from having a list of things to do. It helps me to stay focused and gives me a sense of accomplishment to see the things getting crosses off! So my list consists of:
-piano lessons
-put away Thanksgiving/fall decorations
-practice my horn
-strip the laundry room door
-make and put up my garland

3) Since we tackled our entryways yesterday, we're moving on to our living rooms today. Light a candle, put on your apron, turn on some uplifting music, and then set the timer for ten minutes and get busy cleaning your living room! Start by putting throwing out trash, putting away misplaced items, and straightening up things. If you have time, do a quick dust and vacuum of the room.

Since I was giving piano lessons this morning this was terrific! Tristan was already vacumming so I started straightening up, dusting, putting away the Thanksgiving/fall decorations, and even culling through Sawyers toys! It was ready for my piano students within ten minutes!!!

I'll let you know how things went later this afternoon!! Complete with pictures!

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