Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas At the Castleburys'

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Castleburys'!!! Yes, Merry Christmas might be a little late, but yet the Christmas spirit is still in the air!

Our Grandma Castlebury arrived safe and sound a week ago today. She has been a wonder to be around! She folds laundry (of which there seems to be an outrageous amount of late!), will wash the dishes even if you tell her not to, knits washcloths for us, is wonderful to talk to, and will do anything she is allowed to do! She brought her dog "sweetie" with her, and we've all enjoyed trying to "tame" her!

" Always Available to Read a Book!"
Sawyer has an addiction to the book "Good Night Moon" and I don't understand why. It's not my favorite book (maybe because I've read it so many times lately) but he does, so I read it!

"Grandma with her Grandchildren"
We started out Christmas day with breakfast consisting of sausage patties with fried apples on top and blueberry muffins. After clean-up we sat around the tree and listened to Daddy read the Christmas Story from Luke. Then it was picture time.... and finally to the presents!
The benefits of having two camera's at the same gathering is that you get two different perspectives of what's going on!
"Hewl me fufu?"
Translated to "help me Trevor?". Since Sawyer has a fascination for head lamps, Trevor decided that he needed one of his own. Here, they're getting ready to open the package and put the batteries in!
"Oooooooo, How pretty" she squeals!
Daddy bought Momma a hat from our local antique mall..... STRICTLY for decorating purposes in her new sewing room!

I gave Sayre "Backyard Ballistics" and it looks like he is...... well, rather excited!

Daddy is in charge of distributing all the gifts and keeping up with who had the last gift etc. No one feels left out when Daddy's in charge!

Grandma received "The Treasury of Vintage Home keeping Skills" and it looks like she's already begun reading!
Collin was introduced to "hot peppers" through our Hispanic friends several years ago, and has loved them ever since!! He actually adds hot pepper spice to things behind our backs! Anyway, Trevor gave him some dark chocolate with chile's in it! No word on how it tastes yet.....
Tristan has a thing for boxed chocolates and therefore, that's what he got!

Trevor gave Momma a wreath to put in the new foyer! It smells so good! Mom is THRILLED with it! It's made out of dried flowers and I wonder if it isn't locally made.

Mom and Dad gave Trevor a Timeline that chronicles Biblical history along with past history up to the 1900's. It would wrap around our kitchen/living area at least once! It's so interesting to actually see the chronology of people from the Old Testament.

The highlight of the day was opening a gift from a lady who had visited our church two weeks ago. She had brought her Psalter with her to church one Sunday and all of us kids (Greene's included) had had a chance to play it. Several of the kids had really been able to pick out tunes and it was obvious that they would love to have one!
Well, she gave both us and the Greene's each a Psalter to learn how to play and to use in the church. This is such a generous gift and one that we will treasure! Sayre's been working on picking out tunes or playing from the music that came with it.
Thank you so much Miss. Alice!

Happy New Year! just in case I don't post before then!

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praying4more said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. I especially love your mom's gifts----what a beautiful wreath!! And that hat!! Lovely.

Happy New Year,
Patti Gardner