Monday, March 3, 2008

A Look in the Mailbox

There is something special about opening the mailbox and finding a letter just for you tucked among all of the bills, junk mail, and magazines!! A handwritten letter from a friend is something to read and enjoy with the extra bonus of saving it as a keepsake for years to come.
I have exchanged letters with quite a few people over the years, and I cherish every single letter that I have received! Many of them contain challenges to grow spiritually... many are filled with fond memories.... many are just plain old "keeping in touch" letters.... but each one is a treasured memory.

I have found that one of the ways that I can be an encouragement to others or just brighten somebodies day, is to write them a letter. A letter is a part of you, for you have to think ahead about what you want to say and then take the time to write it all down on paper! I don't know about you, but when I receive a letter I feel very "honored" and excited, for it took someone time to write me.

When writing someone I like to use happy cheerful stationary or cards. I have found the "Vera the Mouse" cards to be just what I like to send (and receive!!). This card says inside "Thinking of you!! What a nice thing to do...... think I'll do it some more!!!" Isn't this what we're doing when we write a letter?

Hallmark is my all time favorite source for stationary and cards. They have some of the nicest stationary and boxed cards of all time!
I've had people tell me that they can't write letters for they don't know what to write..... from my own experience on the receiving end, I know that I just enjoy hearing about their life, what they are doing, what they are planning, if we're good friends- what they have been thinking about or struggling with, family life, and the list could go on and on! Don't think "oh, they won't enjoy hearing about what I've been doing"; to coin a phrase, "think outside the box" and you might be surprised at the results!!

Recently, I've started incorporating stamps and stickers into my letters. I'll put a stamp or two on the envelope, and if the stationary is lacking for color, out come my trusty stamp sets!! I have two of Vision Forums stamping sets.... you can find one here, the other here, and the one I don't own here. These are just some of the things that I feel makes a letter more special to receive!
As I once told a friend, "You never know who's day you may be brightening!"


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

What a sweet, lovely post!!! I love everything you said about letter writing, and anyone who receives a letter from you will be very blessed! I love Vera the Mouse too! Your stationary is so pretty, and your stamp sets from Vision Forum are beautiful! You are so thoughtful to include those extra touches! You have inspired me, I need to write more letters!

I also love your pretty pink quilt!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Thank you for your kind comment! It's always encouraging to get comments.
You know, I inspired myself to go do some letter writing! Isn't that funny!! I do have some "correspondence" to catch up on so I think I'll do that tonight.
I'll tell Momma that you liked the quilt... she made that for me about ten years ago to go with my room. I'm now thinking about doing a quilt but I'm rather hesitant about starting one as I know it will take a looooong time to finish and I like things to be done as soon as possible.....

Paula said...

Hi Ashley,
You are so welcome! I appreciate all your encouraging comments that you leave for me!!! Enjoy your letter writing this evening.

Your Momma did a beautiful job making your quilt!!! I like to finish things quickly too, and quilts do take a long time to complete, but I encourage you to start one if you would like to. You could work on it as time allowed and you felt like picking it up, then you just may be surprised at how quickly you will have it completed. You could use it, or put it in your hope chest!