Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adventures on Tuesday!

Our last day in Texas was spent an hour north of San Antonio at the town of Fredricksburg where we shopped till we couldn't do it any more!

Texas appears to be very dry..... I wonder if you can have a garden out there?

This is the only decent picture of Fredricksburg that we came home with! Well.... I have only of main street but all you can see are cars and no "store details" (you know, things that ladies would like to see!) Anyway, I think this was right about where the shopping started but I have no idea as to what this building houses!!

After shopping we went and climbed up Enchanted Rock which a young lady that I had met at the conference had reccommended we do! We weren't planning on it, but when we found out that it was only several miles away from where we already were..... The rest is history!!

A view from the top.
Enchanted Rock is named for the sounds it makes. It is a granite rock and, like all rocks do that sit in full sun all day, soaks up allot of heat from the sun. As it cools down in the evenings it apparently makes rather interesting sounds.
The boys thought that a person could see for fifty miles from the top!

Trevor and I pondered about what could have caused this. Rain?

"Chillin' at the Summit"

Apparently climbing to the top wasn't enough for Tristan and Collin. They started climbing other rocks on the way down and I think at one point were rather worried about getting down from one rock!

Of course, Sawyer has to be in on the action!!

Who do you think is the oldest and how old do we look?!!! Leave me a comment!! I'm curious!
"From its' summit, in the fall of 1841, Captain John C. Hays, while surrounded by Comanche Indians who cut him off from his ranging company, repulsed the whole band and inflicted upon them such heavy lossed that they fled"
Sayre and water are like magnets!! This was the first time in a week he'd been able to get his hands back into something he is passionate about!!

The "bridge" over the creek.

On our way out we took the "scenic route" (meaning we explored the campgrounds and surrounding park roads!).

All tuckered out after a long day despite the grin and the glasses!

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Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
I enjoyed your post and photos so much! I would love to go to Fredricksburg. I have heard they have lots of nice antique stores! I love Texas!

The Enchanted Rock is so beautiful! It looks like quite a climb. I can see what fun you all had! Thanks so much for sharing!