Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Garden

This spring has been flying by with a pace that resembles high speed Internet but even amidst the fast pace I have been able to "putter in my garden" a little each day. To experience spring in ones own garden is a true joy!
Let me show you a few of my delights!! Come on in!

I found this little sign at Calloway Garden Center while in San Antonio and it was exactly what my "new" garden entrance needed!!! I have planted three elephant ears around it and can just picture it peeking out from under the leaves this summer!

This is what my garden looked like earlier this week. I don't know if you can see Sawyer's trucks and wagon on the pathway; he's taken to playing in here while I garden!

My Columbine is in full bloom now! The flowers have white centers with purple outer petals. I love how the reach their heads up to the sky!! They seem to be looking for something don't they?
I finally got around to weeding my seedlings and was tickled to see how many have come up!! I have several seed patches planted; one is Phlox and the other is Love In A Mist. They have really sprung up this week and I do believe that it is time to transplant them! I also have Butterfly Weed planted and it's taking it's time about sprouting!

"The walk to my garden"
My iris' have been in bloom for two weeks now and have been the highlight of each and everyday!! I would go out and exclaim, shout, and laugh for joy at each and every new color that I found blooming!!

I have a lone peachy/salmon pink iris!! Did I mention that these iris' smell WONDERFUL?! I didn't even know that they had a smell until mine started blooming!

I have been tickled to death to see BOTH of my peony's come back!! I thought they had died because of being dug up, blown around before being transplanted, and then going through a drought in full sun last summer. This one has doubled in size since last spring and has a bud on it!
My Foxglove plants are...incredible!

Siberian Iris

I found these plants in the "untamed" part of my garden. I wasn't sure as to what they were until I pulled a bud apart and found beautiful pink petals inside (I know, I should have waited until they bloomed!).

Then I remembered that I had sowed poppy seeds in this area last fall. Only four plants have come up and two of them are blooming; one is a cheerful pretty pink and the other is a red!!

The garden is calling so I must answer!!!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
What a delightful post! I enjoyed your written entry and your gorgeous photos!!! I love the little sign you found at Calloway Garden Center. It looks so lovely in your garden amongst the sweet pansies.

I love your garden, it is beautiful and I can see it is a real labor of love! As you said, " to experience spring in ones own garden is a true joy." I think it so sweet to have your little brother, "ham man" Sawyer playing in your garden while you work there. What precious memories you are building with your family!!!

The Columbine is so pretty and I am glad to see your Phlox and Love in the Mist has come up! I hope your Butterfly Weed will sprout soon!

I love the walk to your garden paved with those old bricks and the beautiful Iris' lining the walkway. The colors are just delightful. I can see why you laugh for joy at each and every new color!!! I did not know Iris' had a pleasant smell. Next time mine bloom I will be sure to smell them! I am so glad your Peony's have came back, and I absolutely love the Foxglove!!!! It is gorgeous!!!! Oh, and the pretty Poppy is lovely as well. I love that shade of pink!

I had a wonderful time "visiting" your delightful garden!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

~*~>Jessica<~*~ said...

Oh Ashley they are all so beautiful! Foxgloves are one of my favorite flowers, and the iris' are just lovely!! I don't think I know what Love in the Mist looks like, so I will look forward to you posting a picture of them when they bloom!


Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
If you can enjoy my garden through these pictures, I can only imagine how delighted you would be to see it in real person!! The pictures cannot even begin to do it justice and even stiching pictures together is no good! It looks so much better in real honest to goodness life!
The iris' on that were found "by the putty bucket full" on the property are very aromatic, but the ones that came from an old homeplace up in Michigan are not. It must be the type or variety that makes them smell wonderful. We were told that what ever plants are on the property are most likely of the highest "quality" as the previous owners were serious gardeners. Did Momma ever mention that they used to be on the Victory Garden show?

I wish I could tell you what love in a mist looks like but this is the first time I've ever grown it. The most I can remember is that the flowers peek through fern like foliage!