Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A New Member of the Animal Family!

Goats have been a subject that we don't talk about very much mainly because we already know that certain members of our family don't like and don't want them while another member really wants one!!
Well, we now have one!! To put it in Daddy's words "I wouldn't mind having a goat.... if it was like billy".

Last Thursday Chelsey asked me if we wanted billy as he was getting to much for her to handle. Upon asking Daddy..... he said... Yes!! Momma couldn't believe I was asking and Tristan could care less if it lived with the calf.

So billy the kid was welcomed into our animal family last Friday and has been a hoot ever since!!
Billy has been bottle fed since he was really little and thinks he is a person. His horns have begun to grow and he gets himself stuck in the fence at times!
As you can see from the picture, he is very inquisitive and he loves rabbit food! Sayre made the mistake of taking billy up to feed his rabbits and Billy ate the food out of the feeders that Sayre had just filled!!
We have the calf, the dogs, and billy all in the same pen (it's huge believe me!) and so far everything is going great!! Lila has gotten used to billy and I think she views him as another "kid" to play with!
Chelsey handled billy allot and as a result he is soft and cuddly. His ears are like silk and his hair is curly.
I love to watch him eat as his teeth don't line up when he chews!

Maybe I should nickname these guys Thing one and Thing Two!! Oh life is a hoot over here!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

I loved all your wonderful photos!!! The one of Sawyer standing next to Billy is my favorite, then the one of Billy with his head buried in the rabbit feed bag! I can understand how life is a hoot there!

The last photo is so sweet with Lila and Billy, or should I say thing one and thing two, posing for you. Oh, I also love the photo of Billy with his feet on the fence and Lila looking at him so inquisitively! I know Chelsey is happy you wanted Billy and I am glad to hear he is so sweet. He looks sweet and a bit mischievous too!

Thank you for sharing!
Mrs. Paula

Sharon said...


I really enjoyed this one! Billy
is kind of cute - for a goat.I just hope no one EVER offers us a donkey. There are limits.

Paula said...

Oh Sharon,
Your comment tickled me to no end!!!

Ashley, I have a feeling your dearest Momma may have been one of the members of your family that did not want a goat! Billy is cute, though!

Are you all going to get chickens this year?

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Your correct, Momma is NOT a goat person however, it was Daddy who had put his foot down about them living here until he saw and interacted with billy while he was here! I think it's safe to say that billy will be the only goat that finds a home here!!! As far as chickens go, I think that's still the plan but I'm not sure when it will happen. Momma's been talking about getting a milk cow soon so who knows what will happen!!
I will do my best to talk Sayre out of a donkey....... :o)

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

I am sure Billy will be happy just the same since he has found such a good friend in Lyla! We would love to have chickens too, and it has been a long dream of mine to have a Jersey milk cow! I pray your dear Momma will be able to have one soon! Just think of all that delicious fresh milk, cream, butter, cheese, etc!!! Oh, that would be so delightful!!!!

So it is Sayre that would like a donkey! Do you know I have seen the cutest miniature donkeys? Do you think your dear Momma would mind a miniature donkey? ;)

Ashley said...

ummm.... it's strange you should mention donkeys right now! There is an antique store around here that is also home to miniature donkeys...... we haven't been there yet!! Daddy wouldn't mind having a mule though and Momma just shivers in "horror"!
I do believe our twenty two acres are about to get small very quickly!! Who knows what we'll have when August rolls around!