Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Sayre Does for Fun!

Sayre called Momma, Trevor, and I down to the pond last Friday for an "exhibition" of his newest pond feat!!

Sawyer was a willing accomplice as you can see! He was prepared for anything that might come his way with his helmet and life jacket on!

Sayre has found that sliding the canoe into the pond is tremendous fun!!! He pulls the canoe to the top of the dam and balances one end of it. Then he gets in, starts rocking back and forth, starts sliding down, tries to avoid a tree, and then makes it into the water!
I heard Momma saying several times "my baby, my baby" (meaning Sawyer) while the adventure was going on!! Ham man enjoyed himself as he went on several rides without complaint!
I don't know if you can see Trevor in the above picture, but it sure looks like he's enjoying himself!!!

"Gliding Along"
Did I ever mention that Sayre is quite ingenious when it comes to figuring out things to occupy his time?

Somehow Sayre was able to convince Momma that she really wanted to go for a ride in a canoe that leaks! I will never cease to be amazed at what this boy does!!!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
I can see Sayre knows how to have fun! He reminds my of my Justin! I, like your dear Momma, have been in the "same boat" as she is, except there was no leak!

I can just hear your Momma saying, "my baby, my baby" while all this was taking place. But I can see "ham man" was enjoying every moment! What a beautiful family and homestead you all have!
Mrs. Paula

~*~>Jessica<~*~ said...

Dear Ashley,

My name is Jessica, I'm Theresa Powers daughter (we do the Seasons at Home magazine!), I noticed your blog on your website The Wash Basin :)

You have a very lovely blog, and I have enjoyed reading your last few posts. I was wondering if I might link you on my blog?

Many blessings, ~*~Jessica~*~

You can vist my blog if you'd like here :)