Monday, April 21, 2008

Cow Stuff

Two weeks ago, the boys brought another calf home to bottle feed! She was three weeks old and I dubbed her "Mee Moo" but certain persons around here insisted on calling her by her tag number! This little gal's Momma had to be put down several days before she arrived here and it sounds like she was rather insistent on keeping her tummy full during that time!!

From the beginning it was evident that she had a different personality than Moo Moo. This calf arrived mooing, mooed all the way up until feeding time, mooed all weekend, and kept mooing until she finally adjusted to life here!! She had mooed herself hoarse by that time, which in itself was funny to hear!

To start off her life here, she had to get used to the bucket which has a nipple on it. This took some doing as the boys had to corner her, tackle her, and then force feed her until she figured out what the bucket was all about. Thankfully, she was a rather bright calf and it took only one tackling session to show her what was expected and from then on she knew what the blue bucket was all about!

Last Monday morning, Tristan went out to feed the calves but only Moo Moo was around. He found Mee Moo laying on top of a dirt pile with no life in her. We don't know what caused her death as there were no symptoms of her being ill.
I will admit that seeing both cows chasing each other around, competing for who could moo the loudest, and seeing who finished their milk first was a treat! But maybe it's good that only one calf is here..... certain people may get attached.....

Moo Moo knew something was going on when her playmate was taken away, so I put Lila in with her. It's been interesting to watch the two interact!!! They both were on top of a dirt pile "grazing" last night and I love looking out there and seeing them BOTH splayed out in the sun!! Moo Moo gets in a playful mood and will dance around Lila who just ignores her!
Lila is really good with the calf.... She would've made a good Momma.

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Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
I enjoyed reading about the "cow stuff." I am sorry to hear about Mee Moo, but I am glad that Moo Moo is still doing well and that Lila is a good friend for her!