Friday, April 11, 2008

A Major Accomplishment!

I have wanted to repaint my room for quite some time now. I wanted it to be a comfortable room as I like to read in there (it's quiet!) at nights. I didn't want the paint to be so dark that it would get oppressive and cave live when the sun went down. My Momma kept encouraging me to "find a fabric for curtains first and then decide on the color" and so I kept my eyes open and even searched the internet for fabric (just looked at sites Momma had bookmarked).... I was on the point of just giving up and just painting the room when we visited Hancok Fabrics the other day and I finally found fabric!!!

It's the fabric in the middle with the stripes! It has cherry red (which I really wanted)and light pink flowers and the stripe is a "sagey" green!
We were rather worried about finding companion fabrics for it as I also want to make a quilt/bedspread and the background isn't a true white... it's rather creamy.

Upon arriving at home we realized that both of the fabrics that Momma is using in the sewing room are a perfect match!!! Who would've guessed???!!!

And to make things even better, I found that the green in my fabric matches the green in this print that I recieved for my birthday!!!!
So, I'm painting my room some shade of green yet to be determined and am eagerly chomping at the bit to get started!!
I have put off spring cleaning my room until it's time to start the painting process as everything will be pulled out, taken apart, vacuumed under, and scrubbed before I paint!

In other news, my Peonies are coming up! I thought that being dug up, blown around in the back of a pick-up truck for forty miles, and a drought had caused the "to expire" at the end of last summer, but it looks like they are still alive!!

AND, I found a butterfly yesterday!!!! YeeeeHaw!!!! Now if only they would visit my garden....


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
I am so excited for you! The fabric you have chosen for your bedroom is so pretty, sweet and feminine... just like you! I love the colors! I think the walls will look lovely painted green. I know you can hardly wait to begin your bedroom makeover! I am so glad the green in your fabric matches the green in the beautiful print you received for your birthday.

I enjoyed your garden photos too!
The Lord Bless You! Have a lovely weekend!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
My room just needs me to take a week off from life and devote my full attention to it! Right now, the Kitchen and Dining Room are under painting construction! All of the furniture is in with the computer and it's like digging for buried treasure to find something in here!!! I can only imagine what painting my room will be like!!