Monday, April 21, 2008

Hunting Season

Tristan and Collin have hunting blood running through their veins and it really shows during deer and turkey season. I don't know about the other seasons as these are the only two that I've experienced so far!!
Let me illustrate.....
Friday afternoon I espied a turkey walking down to the pond from my bedroom window. On informing Collin (who in turn informed Tristan who was asking "What is GOING ON?!) there was a sudden rush for shotguns, bullets, and turkey calls.....

They forsook all that their mother has taught them about wearing shoes and tore out of doors in their sock feet (or bare feet if they even took the time to take the socks off!)

Tristan kept an eye on the woods where the turkey had retreated while Sayre...... well...... I'm not really sure where he came from or what he is even doing!

I met Collin coming from the road with the news that it was a hen (which they can't hunt) and that it had crossed the road.

Sayre and I then went down to the pond and found this track which we are pretty sure is a turkey.
Now, fast forward to eleven o'clock this morning and repeat the whole performance with the exception of Tristan and Sayre being to busy to rush out the door! Once again, it was a hen but I seriously hope that soon a Tom will show up! Not only because it will mean that somebody might have the chance to get one, but because I think it would be neat if one of the boys got a turkey with my help (seeing it from my room and alerting them) and it being on our property!!!

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Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
What adventures you all have! I enjoyed reading about the turkey hunt and seeing the photos! Hopefully a tom will come around soon, and you will be able to alert your brothers to its whereabouts, and they will be able to get one!