Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our San Antonio Trip

On Thursday, March 27 we flew out from Atlanta heading to San Antonio for a conference that Vision Forum had put together.

This was Sayre and Sawyer's first time flying and I think they enjoyed it!! Sawyer talked constantly about "La oopane Momma" ("look airplane momma" or whoever that he happens to be talking to!) and he loved watching the planes at the airport.

I think this was taken when we were flying into Houston; both flights were partly cloudy but you could still see allot!
After landing in San Antonio we took a shuttle to the Budget place to pick up the vehicle we were renting. Daddy had reserved a fifteen passenger van, but upon arrival found that this Toyota Sequoia was available! He wasn't looking forward to driving the big van!
We did have one interesting time with this vehicle.... we were told that it would hold all of us and had plenty of room, but when it came to fitting everyone and all of the luggage in it..... well, some of the luggage had to sit on peoples' laps!
We were able to make reservations at an extended stay hotel where the rooms had small kitchens. We started unpacking as soon as we got there, and Sawyer was one bundle of energy bouncing from one thing to another!
I think we all were pretty tired. Some of us had had a late night and all of us had an early morning along with "newer" experiences.

I at least was amazed at the amount of food Sawyer can consume at breakfast! He'll eat a bagel and a bowl of cereal, and then ask for more!!
We had made a Walmart run the night we had gotten in so we had plenty of food to keep the boys full!
We had to buy a car seat for Sawyer while there. Even though we had requested a seat with the car rental they apparently didn't guarantee having one for you. Sawyer likes his new seat!! He talks about "new sea Momma" or "smell new sea" or "li new sea" each time he gets in it! It's really sweet!
The Empire Theater was our center of operations for the weekend. Sadly I neglected to get pictures of the inside or of the speakers but if you'll go here you can see some along with reading feedback from other attendees.
The conference was really good. I met several girls who's families had the same story that mine did, along with the girls choosing to stay at home during their single years. It was encouraging to talk to other like minded young ladies!
The conference focused on families coming together (with in each family) to influence future generations of their family. There was so many ideas information presented that I have had a hard time processing it all. We did get the power point and have plans to go back over all of the notes.
These little guys hung around as they knew that we would feed them!

We had "dinner" at a little coffee shop just down from the theater on Saturday night. It was part of the Gunter hotel which had this sign out side.
"Site of headquarters of General Robert E. Lee then Brevet Colonel who assumed command of the post of San Antonio August 5, 1857"
There were historical markers everywhere especially at the Alamo!!!
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Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
I enjoyed the photos! It looks like you all had a nice time on your trip. Sawyer is a sweetie and I can see he has a healthy appetite! That is good! I too, am amazed at how much food boys can eat!

The conference sounds wonderful! I am so glad you were able to meet and visit with other like minded young ladies. I know you were blessed and they were blessed by you!!!

I look forward to more!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!! They saying that "a picture can say a thousand words" is definately true!
I'm hoping to finish several more posts on the trip within the next few days!