Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Riverwalk

Our meal times on Friday and Saturday of the conference were usually long enough for us to spend some time walking along the River Walk, which enabled the boys to burn some of their energy off!

The Theater was on the corner of North St. Mary's and Houston Streets and one entrance to the River Walk was right around the corner!

The entrance was a particularly quiet spot and it was nice to just stroll up and down both sides.

We met these little guys Friday afternoon!! They look so soft but I bet they can be a handful!! I wondered how often they have to eat, for they appear to paddle frantically just to keep up with their parents!! They came right up near us and we were able to get an up close look at them!

We actually look half way decent here!! Maybe it's because it is early in the day! :o) There were little benches throughout this particular section that just begged you to sit in them!

On Monday we walked along the more commercial section of the River walk.

There were shops all along it and restaurants had tables set up beside the water. It was interesting to see how fearless the ducks, pigeons, and other birds were here. They seemed really anxious for people to feed them!

Trevor found a hotel that had part of the walk running through it and this is where these guys were hanging out (although, they were in the court yard part).

Another peaceful section.... the little red boat that you see on the left was one of many that offered rides. I think they called them taxi's but the drivers talk about what you were seeing as you floated along.
The "gardens" along the river walk were very nice. It was probably late spring down there and it was neat to see the different flowers.

I couldn't resist this picture!

For those of you who are die hard southerners, I thought of you when I saw this!! "The Robert E. Lee Hotel" is "Air Conditioned"! I wonder if they put this sign up soon after the "latest unpleasantness" ended (IE. civil war)!!!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

What wonderful photos! The river walk is so beautiful and peaceful looking! I love the pictures of you and your brothers, and the one you took of your dear parents! So sweet!

I loved the Robert E. Lee hotel! Thank you for sharing your trip!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures Ashley! I'm so glad you and your family had a good time. We went to San Antonio (Davy Crockett died at the Alamo, and since we're related to him we just had to stop there) years ago and rode one of those boats around the river. It was summertime, though, and horribly hot. Your pictures make it look lovely and enjoyable... I might actually want to go back someday! :o) I'll just have to make sure it's spring or fall, not mid-summer.

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
I will admit that I thought of you when I first saw the sign for the Robert E. Lee hotel. Interestingly enough, it is no longer a hotel but rather apartments.

I had forgotten about your relation with Davy Crockett; he was listed on the monument and actually had his "likeness" with his name above it.
I can only imagine what San Antonio is like in the summer! It was pretty humid and cloudy which was kind-of nice. I talked to a lady on our flight back to Atlanta who said that the missions are really neat and that we should see them if we ever get a chance.
Thanks for Your comment!