Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Saturday at Bull Run

For the past several Saturdays I have spent some time over at Bull Run either watching the going's on or taking part in them. Last Saturday was no exception and it was just beautiful!!! The temperatures have been in the lower nineties since late last week and it felt more like fall than summer!! A wonderful respite from the really hot temperatures that we have been having.
Sawyer and I headed over to Bull Run later in the morning to see what Trevor and Sayre were up to and found them occupied putting up the forms for the concrete.

Sayre spent all day helping Trevor who I know really appreciated it!
Just as a side note- Sayre got stung or bitten by something on Saturday and his eye is not quite swollen shut. The poor kid looks absolutely pitiful but it hasn't kept him from causing trouble!!!

"Tools of the Trade"
There are benefits when your boss owns a construction company and you want to build a house. You can borrow his tools!!

Sawyer and I next went and found Tristan. He had spent most of the morning pushing the piles on the edge of the field into the gully or at least getting them closer to the edge. He was in the process of bush hogging where the piles had been when we found him. Tristan works for a local dairy and has done allot of haying, bushing hogging, and other such tractor work for them, so he knows what he is doing!
After finding Tristan it was time to head back home for lunch.... Tristan's favorite meal!

"The Graveyard...."
Thelma had arrived while we were gone, and it was a jolly lunch hour that we had!!! After clean-up we all headed back over to the property. I was going to spend the afternoon getting the "graveyard" all cleaned up and Thelma was happy to help!

We started out by raking around the "graves" and cleaning a spot that looked decent. We loaded everything into the back of the beast and then dumped it in the gully.

"Help Has Arrived!"
On their way home from the bow shoot Daddy and Collin stopped by to see what everybody was up to and they some how wound up helping us!! Tristan had a chainsaw handy and was willing to cut a few limbs out for us which then turned into "cut down all the rotten trees"!

"Tire Tracks"
found this picture humorous as you can see where everyone has been driving!!

Trevor and Sayre came and helped us girls finish up the raking. Thelma had spent some time pruning an old oak tree that stands over the "Graveyard" and she did a wonderful job! It's so nice to have something looking well taken care of!

"The End Result"
Oh it looks so much better!! The landowner next to us does not think these are graves, but they are obviously something. Part of the fun is thinking about what they could be!!!


Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing about your lovely day, Ashely! I enjoyed reading it and seeing all the photos! It looks and sounds like a great deal was able to be accomplished. :)

You made quite a bit of progress on the 'graveyard'! It looks nice! And I am sure that you enjoyed working on this project with your friend, Thelma. :)

Is Sayre's eye doing any better? That sounds quite painful!

Ashley said...

Yes, I did enjoy working with Thelma; she has a way of making the job fun! You know, she's not just my "friend" if you know what I mean!!! ;OD
Sayre's eye is doing soooo much better today!! The swelling has gone down allot but it still has a way to go. Thank you for asking about him!