Friday, August 1, 2008

Project of the Week

As I stood looking out the kitchen window after lunch on Tuesday, I was struck with how overgrown the gardens out front of the shop had gotten. It was time for somebody to get out there and tend to the weeding and pruning so I mentally volunteered myself to do it!

We had received an inch of rain the week before and I'm sure this contributed heavily to the seemingly sudden growth in the garden!

"My find of the afternoon"
I spent the next two hours trimming the suckers from around the trees, pulling up the thorns and brambles that had somehow begun to grow, and trimming the Camilla bush.

By late afternoon I was done and tickled pink to see that I had made it look more presentable. The satisfaction in a job well done is so worth the effort!

"The next side of the garden"
On Wednesday morning I tackled the garden to the right of the one I had just finished. There is a stump in the midst of all the ivy that sends up suckers which will not succumb to the "sucker killing spray" that we have applied several times, so it means we have to trim them.

The walk to Mommas garden was also in dire need of attention so I included it the days' work.

"My Happy Helpers"
Sawyer was spending the morning with "Ashy" as Momma was chauffeuring Collin to a job so we had to make this job FUN!! Dogs are a big element of FUN for him so we got all three of them involved! It also included a truck ride with Lila and Buck (I couldn't put Jasper in there for he stirs things up!) which everyone enjoyed!

With Sawyer's help I was able to quickly get the garden looking better! He kept telling me "I hewlping Ashy" while he pulled a few weeds or "these go in dum-truck" as I cut the suckers back. It was so cute!

"Snack Time"
Around eleven Sawyer got weepy and I knew it was time for a snack. He still isn't quite over his cold and has been getting hungry earlier so..... We each had a left-over roll from the night before and he also had "aminal cwackers". As you can see, Jasper was very attentive!!

"All done!!"
I was done by noon and so happy with how things turned out!! They look neat and cared for and it's a delight to look out the kitchen window now.
I have one more garden to weed but it's not to bad.

"Ham Man" will be three in November! Wow, how the time does fly. He's turning into such a sweet, personable, happy little man. I can't imagine our family without him.


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
I enjoyed this post so much! You and Sawyer did a wonderful job getting the gardens in order. Everything looks so beautiful! It just makes you feel so good to have order and beauty. Oh, your sweet doggies look like they are having such fun with Sawyer.

You have a beautiful home life, thank you for blessing me by sharing it and all your lovely photos! Sawyer is blessed to have you for his big sister!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great! But how could be otherwise with such great helpers!


Sarah said...

You did a wonderful job on your ‘clean-up’, Ashley, and got a great deal accomplished! Everything looks so nice now. :) And what a special little helper you had! I can imagine how much fun you two had together.

That is a neat photo of the cicada shell! I remember when my siblings and I were kids the excitement we had over finding one of those. :)

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula- Thank you for your comment. It was encouraging to hear that this post was a blessing to you!
Momma received a special something "by post" on Saturday and she was oh so tickled over it!!! :o) I was too!! Thank you letters/cards are in the works!!

Claimthemountian- Welcome! Thank you for your comment!! Yes, my helpers definitely made a difference in getting the gardens cleaned up!!

Sarah- Thank you! I was so pleased with how neat everything looks that I just had to share it!
"Sawa", as he calls himself, and I usually have a bucket load of fun when we're together! Add in a can of orange "pop" from Aldi and he's even more fun!!! :o)