Monday, August 18, 2008

Odds and Ends

Last Saturday our whole family spent a good part of the day down at Bull Run either watching Daddy or just puttering around. Momma had packed a picnic lunch of BLT's, Cucumber Salad, Chips, and Iced Tea- it was delicious!!

Daddy and Tristan were working on the holes for the corner posts in the fence which was a rather interesting procedure.

With the first hole that they did, the auger got stuck. Two hours later, and after taking the auger almost completely apart, they were able to begin work again. Despite their best efforts, the auger kept getting stuck but they were able to get it out with much wiggling and backing the tractor back and forth. The only thing we can figure is that the bit is so new and the ground so hard that it gets "sucked" in (which doesn't make any sense I know). They were only able to get three and a half holes done which I know was frustrating to them.

Look at our beautiful, fertile, red dirt!!!

Sawyer and I were looking back at pictures from a year ago today and we found some that really brought back fond memories!!!

"Do you remember the post on "One Way To Spend an Evening"? We spent a good couple of hours running down the neighbors' herd of cows that had gotten out!! This was my first encounter with bovines and it certainly hasn't been my last!

All we had to do was to walk behind them and they knew where to go. Who would've ever thought that a year later, we would have the beginnings of a heard in our own "back yard"?

A year ago Sayre was selling extra garden produce out at the mail box! Most of the time we seemed to have a garden stand and a garage going at the same time which I'm sure was very amusing to those passing by! Sayre did quite well at this venture and has talked about doing it again; alas, we have no extra produce this year for him to sell.
Also, a year ago we were having some of the hottest temperatures that we can remember. Every afternoon, for two weeks, the temperature reached 104 if not more. Now, a year later, we're enjoying temperatures in the low nineties.
I'm so amazed to see how different things are a year later and I'm thrilled to see the areas that we've grown in. The Lord is so faithful and I can't wait to see how He works in this upcoming year!


Sarah said...

I can well sympathize with the auger difficulties, Ashley! We have had quite similar situations! Like when we tried to bale hay and every other bale the baler quite working, jammed or something broke on it. :) At least your Daddy and brother were able to get a few holes done and maybe next time things will go smoother!

Thank you for giving a glimpse into some of the events of last year! I especially enjoyed the cattle ones . . . I would have loved to have joined you! Cattle are some of my favorite animals. :)

Ashley said...

You would have enjoyed yourself to the fullest chasing the cows Sarah! It was quite the event!!! They would be roaming through the woods, the boys would move them out, and I, or Sayre, would walk them up the road!! Terrific!!!

Yes, I think you can fully sympathize with the auger situation... :o)