Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm finding that blogger cannot upload my pictures today so this could be a rather interesting post. I'm feeling rather "contemplative" at the moment!!

It has been raining the past few days and the grass is turning green once again, much to our delight! The pond has begun to fill up and the frogs have found their way back into it. I find this interesting for though the pond has been completely dry for several weeks, the frogs came back. I wonder why... how did they know?

I love rainy days! After finishing the housework, feeding people, and doing whatever I need to do for the day, I enjoy curling up with a good book. I recently began a Lamplighter book called "The Spanish Brothers" by Deborah Alcock. It takes place during the Spanish Inquisition and chronicles the lives of two brothers who lost their parents early in life while telling the story of their coming to Christ. So far it has been very good; I'm attempting to take my time reading through it. I developed the habit of reading to quickly to fully grasp the most important points of each book, early in life, so I'm attempting to "slow my eyes down" as I read. I also read way to much in one sitting without letting it all sink in...

The "piano tuner man" visited our abode today. He was a friendly and talkative tuner which was rather nice! The piano was last tuned two and a half years ago and he found that it had gone out of tune considerably, actually he said that it shouldn't have been this out of tune, so he had his work cut out for him.

Trevor began work at the new house site... yes, the NEW house site. He found that it would be best if he moved his house to the other side of the property and so he and Thelma agonized over where and how the house should sit. He began grading yesterday and has had Collin helping him dig footers today (which will be very interesting as the ground is rock hard).
I think it's time to tell you that Trevor and Thelma have been courting for the past several months! She spends at least two afternoons and evenings here each week doing stuff with our family while he does the same with hers! It's been so much fun to have another girl around the house to "plot" things with, cook with, talk with, sew with, and have some great fun with!! Both Momma and I are enjoying each moment that she's here!!

I had better post this before the cat wakes up enough to begin thinking about laying on the keyboard (which she does when I'm on the computer). I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

I don't even know your family, and I could tell that Trevor and Thelma were courting.

Sarah said...

I am so thankful that you all received rain, Ashley! It is curious to me, too, that frogs can find a pond so quickly.

I have not read the book The Spanish Brothers, but it certainly sounds interesting! Will you be giving a review of it when you have finished reading it? I am like you in that I am a fast reader, and forget to slow down and truly grasp the story (or whatever it is I am reading).

It is so interesting to watch someone tune a piano! The past few piano tuners we have had have explained the whole process to us and how the piano works, and it was fascinating.

Congratulations to Trevor and Thelma!!!! How exciting!! I pray that the Lord will bless and guide your families as you journey through this wonderful time!

I can certainly understand all that goes along with changing plans (in regards to moving the house). I hope that the new site works well for them and that the building of the house goes well!

Have a blessed day, Ashley!

Ashley said...

Anonymous- Is it really that obvious??!! ;O) I figured everyone probably knew something was going on between them but I still wanted to "announce" it!!
Thank You for commenting. :o)

Sarah- I am planning to write up a review on The Spanish Brothers but it might take me a while to finish the book. :o)

Oh you should've heard this tuner telling Collin and I about piano tuning. Our was a "quarter tone" out of tune and he had to tune middle C and up first, then the lower range, and then do the first set all over again. The last tuner we had tuned with a tuning fork while this man had a electronic tuner which measured the "beats" of the note, told him how out of tune it was, and something else which I'm forgetting at the moment. It was very interesting!

Thank you for praying for us during Trevor and Thelma's courtship. I know they really appreciate it!

Have a wonderful day as well Sarah!