Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pertaining To Cows, Goats, and Dogs

The past two weeks have very interesting in the animal realm here at our house. Between stray dogs, rain, neighbors dogs, more rain, goats, and the animals that live here it has been a three ring circus!

To begin with, Sayre moved Billy (the goat) back into the cow pen as the grass in his pen had dried out. Who knows what he was eating but he is sure fat! The cow seems to enjoy having billy around again; they enjoy pushing each other around as well as running into one another!
I'm not thrilled about billy being back in the cow pen, as he is an obstacle that I now have to avoid each time I feed the dogs (remember that the cow pen also houses the dogs). He has horns which he pushes you around with and he loves to jump on you... does anyone want a goat?

"I'm Miserable"
The "dog-food-eating-cow" is starting to wear on poor 'ol Lila belle. The cow will stand with-in a foot away from Lila as she eats and if the dog so much as takes two steps away, the cow immediately immerse herself in the food bowl. So, Lila is now refusing to eat her food unless it is placed in the dog house which the cow cannot get into!

"Laying Siege"
Even though Moo Cow cannot get into the dog house, she will stand there until Lila is done! It really is quite funny to be an eye witness to the conflicts that go on each morning!

"Temporary Additions"
Two weeks ago today these two dogs showed up out at the barn. We thought they were from houses nearby but they wouldn't "go home" even with us chasing them off and hollering at them. We finally figured out that they are strays as they will not leave and are extremely hungry. The black one was in a dog fight just recently which resulted in her ear getting torn and becoming infected. We started cleaning the ear yesterday and she seems to realize that we're trying to help her. Both dogs are sweet hearts and would make great pets for anyone.

"Play with Meeee!!"
In other doggy news, we are watching Duke, Thelma's puppy this weekend! Trevor brought him home Thursday evening and in the space of three hours he managed to escape four times from two different pens!!!! He crawled through the cow pen fence three times before we figured out how he was getting out, and upon putting him in billy's old pen he soon squeezed out of the gate! Both gates are either have pallets or cinder blocks stacked up against them and we have to crawl over the fence to feed and play with them!

"I'm Depressed"
Lila was moved into the pen with Duke but she is extremely jealous and moody. It's almost comical to watch! Apparently my attempts at giving her more attention aren't enough to suite her.
So, we have six dogs running around here, one annoying goat, one "interesting" cow, and thirty some odd rabbits that are the only "calm" animals on this place! I think it's time for the fence at Bull Run to be put up! Am I the only one that feels like we're "going to the dogs"?!


Sarah said...

That was funny, Ashley! Lila sound like my sisters' dog, Mandy. Mandy will pout whenever Leah spends time with any of the other dogs or even the chickens! One thing is for sure, it is never boring with animals around! :)

Ashley said...

I agree Sarah, it's never boring when animals are around! Lila is back to her happy go lucky self now that Duke is gone and I'm eagerly anticipating spending some time with her!