Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Day in My Life.....

Today was busy, busy, busy!!! Busy not so much in that there was much to do or places to go, but busy because there literally wasn't a spare moment to be had!!!

I had come to the conclusion that it was high time for the kitchen to get a good cleaning (not a spring cleaning mind you!!) and for the refrigerator to be cleaned out, so that is what I tackled this morning. I also had practicing my Horn, dinner preparation, making skirts, and doing a blog post on the agenda. Oh, and don't forget about watching Sawyer as he and Sayre were the only other people at home this morning!!! do you know how much trouble a twelve year old with an active imagination and a almost three year old who is a willing victim can get into????!!!!

I had forgotten how long it takes to really clean our kitchen (moving everything and wiping down counter tops, washing stuff that's out, etc...) and then our refrigerator is extremely full which made unloading and re-organizing it rather interesting, so it took much longer than I anticipated. I did have a happy helper who enjoys washing and drying dishes!! :o)
I think Sawyer's highlight was getting to finally go up-stairs and play while I practiced! It's amazing to see how happy and excited he gets over the seemingly small things.

After putting Ham-man down for his nap I began work on these skirts. They are drawstring skirts that the lady I help has me make when she's really busy. Two of them have ruffles which I've had to learn how to make; I've been leery about making them because I couldn't grasp the concept of squeezing that much fabric onto a much smaller piece of fabric. She showed a simple and easy way of doing it so I actually understand what I'm doing now!! The two ruffled ones are not quite completed as I need to run them through an over lock surger to finish their hems off.

Tomorrow looks like another busy day complete with a Horn lesson and company so I would probably be wise to end this post! I hope everyone has had a wonderful day.


Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing about your day, Ashley! I enjoyed reading it. :)

I can relate to deep-clean kitchen projects taking a lengthy time! It never seems like it will be such a big task when beginning, but once you start in on it . . . it can take a long time! I am sure your kitchen looks very nice after the thorough cleaning you gave it!

I loved the picture of Sawyer doing the dishes! How precious! I am sure that he greatly enjoyed this time with you. :)

The skirts are coming together beautifully! You are doing a great job!

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

You have had a busy, but very productive day! I love the picture of Sawyer! The skirts you made are lovely. You did a wonderful job with the ruffle.

I was also blessed by your previous post, "Thoughts." Thank you for sharing. We have the Geneva Bible too, and enjoy reading it, the notes and the KJV as well. The notes are really helpful.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you were a busy bee today! I love your pretty skirts too...well done!

love, Tina :)

Anonymous said...

My name is Rebecca and I recently came across you blog. I am so enjoying it and am amazed at our similarites. You see, I am the second eldest in a family with 6 boys! My elder sister just got married July 4th, so I am the only girl at home. I graduated high school on June 6th have decided to stay home and help my family until I find the Lord's will for my life. Thank you for the encouragement. Have a lovely day!

Ashley said...

Sarah- I tend to be an over acheiver so I always think that I can get a job done in a reasonable amount of time!!! I knew the kitchen was going to take at least an hour but didn't anticipate two hours!!!
Sawyer does love to wash dishes. He runs to get his own little tea pot so that he can pour the water. He doesn't wash unless you help him!!

Mrs. Paula- Thank you for your comment as well as the encouragement with the skirts! I do appreciate it!

Tina- Thank you for stopping by again! I am pretty happy with how the skirts turned out and I hope that the girls wearing them will like them as well!

Rebecca- Welcome and Thank you for your comment!!!! I somehow stumbled across your blog earlier this week but I can't remember how I got there!!!
I'm glad you've been enjoying mine! It's an encouragement to hear that.

Under Southern Skies said...

Those skirts you sewed are so cute! I've been wanting to make a skirt for awhile now, but haven't got around to it yet.

Ashley said...

UnderSouthernSkies- Welcome to my blog! I love to make skirts! I have one that I'm hoping to work on and possibly complete today!!