Sunday, September 2, 2007

Garden Expansion

If you have read any of my first posts, you'll know that I spend allot of time out or near my garden. I've posted quite a few pictures from it and I talk about it allot!
At the beginning of last week, I overhead Tristan make the comment that there was nothing for him to do. As a result of the drought he isn't cutting any grass (execpt in the drain field which is a beautiful green!) or hauling brush to the burn pile as we aren't burning anything, so he's litterly bored to death!

I mentioned that I was going to be expanding my garden this fall but that if he wanted to go ahead and work on it he could. He glady complied! This is what it looked like from the side-before he started!

Here he is just starting. We've learned that scraping the grass up first is a MUST, otherwise it starts sprouting even if it's turned under.

This is Buck, his dog. Buck was a stray that showed up last Fabruary. He's some kind of a hunting dog and will go track deer down when ever he can. Let me explain his long sleeved shirt, lest you think it's cold here! Our washer has recently decided not wash clothes completely; meaning, it quits agitating or washing at various times. Thankfully, it was fixed and we are enjoying clean clothes again!

Here is what he accomplished for the day! Now I'm going to put some salvaged edging in and haul a little dirt in!!

But wait, He beat me to it! I asked him if he could fix a piece of edging I was having problems with and when I came out there was edging installed farther than I had thought possible to go!! Then he hauled dirt in for me! He is truly the hardest working guy out of all the boys- he hates not having anything to do. Thank You Tristan!! I can't wait till spring!!

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