Monday, September 3, 2007

Bunny Happenin's

My soon to be twelve year old brother Sayre owns around 10 rabbits. He got started with rabbits last Christmas when I gave him a "baby bunny" for Christmas. Since then he has acquired at least two more adults and had two litters of babies! The most recent litter was born three and a half weeks ago!

This is the mother "Maxy" with her litter. She had seven babies in all, but one of them died soon after being born and two more died a week afterwards. Now there are just four babies and I think it's safe to say that they will be all right!

Here they are! This is the cute stage! Their eyes have been open for a week and their ears are starting to stand up. The two babies on the left have their mothers hair which is silky and ooh so soft! Those two also happen to be the biggest and the fattest! The two on the right have their fathers' fur which is still soft, but much shorter. Both the mother and the father have the brown markings that the babies have!

This guy understands the meaning of "Chillin' Out"!! He really was sleeping like that!

Here they are all in a line! Did you know that baby bunnies don't stay still for very long?!

Look at "Teddy's'" little tail! It reminds me of a cotton ball.... actually, HE reminds me of a cotton ball!

Sayre takes every opportunity to play with any of his rabbits. It's not uncommon to find rabbits running around the room, climbing on top of cookbooks, or chewing the phone cords (ahem). He especially enjoys the babies as he can "put" them into all sorts of cute things! These guys fell asleep in Sawyers' car!
Sayre took this picture! Isn't this guy cute? This one has the fathers' fur. I don't know if you can tell a difference.

Even Sawyer enjoys the bunnies!! All four babies couldn't fit in the wagon- the other one was to fat! Sawyer took these little guys on a ride and is very gentle with them. It's so sweet to watch him find the bunnies ear and then tell us what it is.
We are really enjoying these little guys!

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