Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Sandcastles

On Wednesday morning we visited the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse was built in 1868 and standing at 210 feet tall it is the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States. In 1999 the lighthouse was moved to its' present location as the sea was eroding the beach very quickly. It was moved a half a mile and took 23 days to move (in addition all the prep work that had to be done before the move).
A view from the top!! There are a total of 269 steps to the top. That's from beginning to end! It was interesting to watch the boys start up the steps with so much energy and then to see them walk slower and slower as they neared the top!
The "light". We could see the lighthouse from the third story of the house we were staying in! It's rather hard to miss black and white stripes on the horizon! At night we could see a "rotating beam" which several of us believe was from the lighthouse; there was a airport nearby and it could've come from there, but I think it really was the lighthouse!

The stairs were circular and kind-of steep; this is looking down about four "stories". I wish I would've thought to take the picture from higher up.
If you ever get the chance, do visit this lighthouse and the museum that is on the grounds. It is really interesting!

Thelma and I would walk the beach most every day. We wold pick up shells and rocks and just enjoy being outside. We encountered several sandcastles during the walks, but this turtle was the neatest! It even had a tail!
After seeing the turtle castle we decided to build our own sandcastle! My job was to build the sides up while.........................

Thelma hauled the sand.
SOMEONE forgot to bring the "little pink bucket" when they went back to the house for some food, the camera, and "the little pink bucket". Oh well, Thelma got creative with the body board; it did hold more sand than the "little pink bucket" would've held!
Working together. Thelma didn't want footprints around the perimeter of the sandcastle, so we had to stand in "the moat" or in the middle. It made working on it interesting!

"Sandcastle Ahead" Adah was designated the camera person and was told to have fun with it! Boy did she get creative!
Working on it.....
The finished project!! I had never built one before so this was especially fun! Ahhhhhhhh... memories!!
One more post to go, and then I'll start posting about "real life"!!

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