Monday, September 24, 2007

Goin's On at Our House!

This past week has been filled to the brim with busy-ness. I had allot to do and catch up on since I was gone the week before, and one of those things was making soap like crazy. It amazing how time consuming it is, but thankfully the "panic time" is past and I can get back to a "normal" and less demanding schedule again! One of the items on my "To Do" list was to take the marigolds and wildflowers out of my garden. The wildflowers were dead and very unattractive, and the marigolds were becoming long, gangly, and laying over into the path. I decided to just take them out; I had three wheelbarrow loads and two bench full of flowers! Yes, I did save the seeds and now have a 12x12x12 box half full of them!
Mowing is a full time job around here. It seems like one of the boys uses the lawn mower at least once a day. Sawyer loves to be taken on rides especially as the levers are at his level and he can move them! Oh, notice the porch???! Trevor built it on to the addition quite a while ago and I just recently hung some of my plants in the hanging basket!!! Sayre just cleaned the windows on the back door today (pictured above) and the place looks quite "dashing"!!!

The Butterfly bushes are beginning to put on flowers in earnest! All of our bushes have flowers that are the purple pictured above. Well, maybe we also have a pink one.... I can't remember. The bushes are so fragrant and attract butterflies by the dozens!!

I don't know what kind of a flower this is, but it's just started blooming and I remember seeing quite a bit of it last year.

Trevor and Collin went in together to buy a four wheeler from one of Trevor's' friends. He brought it home Friday evening and they have been having a blast on it!! Sawyer wishes he was one of the BIG guys! Did I mention that he loves keys and motorized vehicles?!

Here, all of the guys are riding at once as Trevor attempts to dump Tristan into the pond! As they were coming through the woods toward the pond, I could here a certain person (who will remain anonymous) screaming!!!

With all the four wheeling and dirt biking that was going on on Saturday, Sayre thought it was high time to learn how to operate Collin's dirt bike. He rode around for at least an hour and seems to have gotten the hang of it!

The dogs were feeling neglected..... They don't normally sit that far apart. You'll notice that Lila has her mouth open..... I'm not sure if she's yawning, barking, or chewing the fence. It's most likely chewing the fence as she does that when she's tired of waiting for me to come pet her!

That's pretty much the highlights of last week. I wonder what this one will be like???

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