Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sand, Sun, and Surf

The beach was beautiful every single day! You could almost always count on a blue sky with white clouds appearing as the day wore on! Oh it was gorgeous! It did rain during the night several times, but the sun always came out towards lunch time!

The boys were in the ocean at least twice a day! They had the body boards with them and used them constantly. It was neat to watch them walk out in deeper water and then see the waves bring them in. Lance had his pockets turned inside out so that the sand wouldn't get inside.

Of course, you can't be boys with out having a friendly fight every once in a while!

Adah was the recipient of many a soaking! If Thelma and I weren't soaking her, Collin and the boys were!! Poor thing..... She took it all very well!

Someone told me that the Gulf stream was off shore and was what caused the big, white, fluffy clouds. The day I took this picture the clouds were just awesome! The picture doesn't do it justice.

Thelma, Adah, and I always staked out a quite section of beach away from everyone and these birds were everywhere! They would run down to the water as it receded and then rush back up when a wave came in. If you watched them long enough, it became funny!
We took a walk one night and the crabs were everywhere. It was rather disconcerting to feel them run across your foot, but it was worse seeing these white things run across your path or jump out from under you foot right as you put it down!!

We would all stop and watch the kiteboarders (or whatever you call them) as they flew past on their boards. Several of them would show off as them came past which made it even neater (no, us girls weren't impressed). It was amazing seeing the things they would do on them!
I'll close with a sunset taken from the top of the house we were in looking toward the ocean!

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Vanessa said...

Hey Ashley! I love all the pictures and everything from your vacation. What a fun trip! Are you peeling much yet from your sunburn?

You are great at keeping up with your blog... such nice pictures and descriptions! :o) You're an inspiration. I shall now go post on my blog. ;o)

Let me know when you're coming to Greenville so we can get together. Or maybe we can just arrange a day sometime for you to come visit me!!! :o) ttyl