Friday, September 7, 2007

Creek stomping with Sayre!

Yesterday, Sayre took me creek stomping! This included walking in the creek, in fields, and in general taking a tour of the immediate country side!!

This is what the creek pretty much looks like. There is one spot where it's really rocky and it makes one wonder where all the rocks came from! There is about three to four inches of running water in it!

This is "Sayre's pool" where he spends most of his time catching crawdads and fish. He also tell me that he's seen snakes in it...... See the gap between the two rocks? That is where the water runs down.

Here's a picture from the front! Isn't it neat!

Here is what he has constructed further down. He's "hauled" all the sand in, built up the bank with rocks, and built a "bridge" with rocks!! It's incredible what he's done!

Looking the opposite way. This sand path takes you under a barbed wire fence- He is so creative and I can't wait to see what else he does to the creek!

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