Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ferry Rides and the Beach on Sunday

I ran across a few more pictures from the ferry rides on Saturday!

The Caffeine Queen!

Thelma's breakfast on Saturday consisted of coffee and Hershey bars! She was quite fun to be around after consuming all that caffiene and sugar! (editor note. She only had one cup of coffee that I know of. Two of those cups belong to Adah and I!)

Looking out the back window as we pull away from the dock on Ocracoke.

We're headed to Hatteras!

This is what we saw as we came into Hatteras. The ride from the mainland to Ocracoke was around 2 hours and from Ocracoke to Hatteras was 45 minutes.

The storm coming in.

Sunday was spent attending church, playing Monopoly, and watching the wind and waves. There was a storm coming in so we stayed inside.

Watching the waves.

As soon as we got back from the morning service us kids headed down to check out the waves. There was an amazing amount of wind and we could actually lean over and the wind would support you! The storm that came through didn't drop any rain that was worth speaking of; it was just wind.

That evening found us back at church where we had volunteered to sing and play for the evening service. We actually wound up doing the service. I played a "offertory", we all sang, and Mr. Griffith led the singspiration that followed. It was a really nice service and I know that those in attendance enjoyed all the singing that they did. What is it about singspirations that people like? I LOVE it when the service is all singing.

The Sunday evening meal was pizza with a "Love Comes Softly" movie. Thelma and Adah used an amazing amount of tissue during the movie! I didn't know people could cry like that during a movie!!!

Stay Tuned.... More to come later!!

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