Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fried Plantain "Recipe"

Have you ever heard of Plantain? I myself would probably be the first to say "No, I haven't heard of them" if it hadn't been for the Francos' introducing my Mother and I to this delicious fruit! Today I'm going to share my family's favorite way of eating them!

As you can see, Plantains resemble banana's. I would suggest using Plantains when they are yellow or, for a sweeter taste, when they begin to turn black. The First thing you will do will be to peel the skin off and cut the fruit up into one inch pieces (or thicker if you deisre).

Next, you fry them in oil till they are a light to golden brown. (My oil was to hot and they fried much quicker than I anticipated.) Drain on a paper towl.

Next, "Squash" the fried plantain with the bottom of a cup

Next, dip the "squashed plantain" in salt water.

Now, fry them again. WARNING: watch out when you put them in!!! When the water comes in contact with the oil it causes the oil to splatter and could possibly burn you. These are delicious!! They have a sweet flavor and are a real treat! Mom and I can't get enough of them!!)

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