Sunday, September 2, 2007

My Family

My family and I attended a wedding yesterday afternoon that was held at this really neat Presbyterian church! One of the boys said that the church was established in mid to late 1700's and one of the plaques at the church said that the church was built in 1846 (I think)! It was really neat!
When we got home Mom said it was picture time (which we have whenever we're "dressed up" as the boys say). I thought you might like to see what fine gentleman I live with!
My Daddy and Mommy have been married 25 years. They are a example of godly parents to us and for that we are truly thankful.
"Us Kids" minus Sawyer who fell asleep on the way home. Don't the guys look sharp?!!
This is Trevor. He keeps us laughing and enjoying life! I love the sparkle in his eyes! He works in construction doing allot of grading instead of actual construction.

Boy#2 is Tristan who is the chief "yard mower" around here. He's in the process of building a log cabin and is waiting for more wood to finish it. He stays busy taking care of our place.
Boy#3 is Collin who has a similar personality of Trevor. He enjoys dirt bikes, hunting, fishing, and working.
Boy#4 is Sayre (pronounced Say-er) who enjoys fish trapping, creek stomping, and taking life easy. He has ten rabbits and one dog and it's neat to see him playing with them.
Boy#5 is Sawyer who makes us laugh! He enjoys trucks, dogs, rabbits, cats, being with "the guys", riding on tractor, and a multitude of other things! There are ten years between him and Sayre so he's growing up doing the "big guy stuff"!
I am very thankful for my family and I enjoy each and every one of them!

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