Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun Stuff From the Trip

Left to right- Thelma, Adah, and I sitting in the sandcastle with sea oats in our hair!
Thursday evening found us "kids" home alone!!!! Hehehehe....... the adults/ parents were sent out to eat and told they couldn't return until a certain time!! As soon as they left we set to work, the boys collected all the pillows in the house along with all the comforters. Then, we turned all of the living room furniture upside down in a "circle". Then, all the comforters were draped/thrown/fastened with weights to the tops of the upturned furniture!!! Wahlah! We have a fort!!! The floor was lined with the many pillows to make it more comfortable while watching a movie!! It was great!

Some of the art work certain people did!

The pier at night. Mr. Griffith and the boys did allot of fishing off of it. Collin caught a small shark which he threw back in.

A bridge that we crossed coming home. I was amazed how well my camera did with taking pictures from the inside of a truck while moving!!! They all turned out!

The Bodie Island Lighthouse (pronounced like Body). This too was taken from the inside of the truck.
Ok, so us girls got rather goofy on the trip home! Poor Thelma has to put up with Adah.......

This was staged but it gives you an idea of what it looked like in the back!!! It got cold back there while you were driving and it got reallllllly hot when you stopped at lights.

That's the last post about the Hatteras trip. I'm sure I'll post some random pictures that I think are worth sharing, but now I'm going to move on to other things!!

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