Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ashley's Little Helper!

As I was making biscuits for supper last night, I heard a little voice saying "Azzah (pronounced- Az-sah), helw?" So, he helped me get a chair and the fun began!!!

I wasn't quite sure how to let him occupy himself as I had shortening in the bowl and did not want him in it, but after I ground the wheat he found plenty to occupy himself with!!!
Here he's "stirring"the flour! His version of stirring is to pound the spatula in the bowl and watched the flour fly!

"Measuring the ingredients"
He wanted to pour that little cup of flour into the already prepared bowl of dough several times, so we had to convince him that he had to pour into what he was "cooking". Notice how intent he is here and the flour on his hands!!

"Stirring "Azzah's" dough. Boy sis, that's stiff stuff compared to mine!"

The happy chef!
I want Sawyer to know that he can help me when I cook and so, if I'm able too, I'll let him stand on a chair and mess with his own cooking project. It's a struggle though, because I like to cook without a mess and with him around you will have a mess!!! The mess is worth it though.... I now have memories like this one!!!

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