Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Thanksgiving!

As we got up on Thanksgiving Day, we gave Thanks for the rain that the Lord had seen to send our way! It was a delight to look out the kitchen window and see it drizzling or to walk out on the back porch and see the pile of muddy shoes that the boys had worn! We truly had Thankful hearts on this day!

Momma had cleaned house the day before and I had decorated with our "autumn or Thanksgiving" decorations, and we were so excited to be having company over to help us "celebrate" Thanksgiving!

Mid-afternoon rolled around and we were just starting our dinner!! We usually have dinner at this time on special days (Thanksgiving & Christmas) as a change of pace. We didn't have a whole lot of cooking to do as our guests were bringing some food, but as you can see the table is LOADED down with food!!! It was a terrific meal with wonderful conversation!

After dinner, all the boys and men went out for a good rousing time of "see who can use up their ammo first"!!! Us ladies joined halfway through and some of us even got in on the action! Collin let me shoot his shotgun and then I shot my Great Grandfathers' .22. Trevor and Tristan put out a bunch of tin cans and blew them away with their shotguns (both shooting at the same time....)
When the guns come out and start to make a racket, all of the dogs either get under something or get in the dog house! They hate the noise and Lila won't come out of the dog house until she is certain that the noise is really over!!
After the ammo was used up, several of us went for a walk to work off the extra turkey calories and then went in for Pumpkin Pie and fellowship!!!
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

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