Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Post!

I apologize about the lack of posts here lately. Each day brings its' own unique set of "goings on" and it seems as if the days begin to run together at times. Oh well, I'm here and posting..... at the moment!!! Please forgive me if I miss a day or two or three between posts; I honestly feel badly about it!

Saturday, Momma and I packed up Shoppe and headed over/up/or down (not sure about the direction here) to Iva for a craft fair! It was a beautiful thirty minute drive which took us through flatland and through hills!! Momma made the comment that this part of South Carolina is the states' best kept secret! I think it's true! It's absolutely gorgeous during fall!

This is how Momma "dooded up" the cupboard this time! It still draws comments from people who have their own "Southern Style Hoosier" *disclaimer* this is what I've been told it's called! I don't know it for certain! This craft fair had a much smaller crowd BUT, we did even better than we did at the Honea Path festival!! Momma and I were tickled pink!!!!

This is an "Apron Bonnet" that Momma makes for MarmeeDear & Co. She actually found an apron just like this in a box of stuff that my Grandpa had bought at an auction. She thought the apron was something unique and a "part of the past" and made a pattern from it!

This is the cutest book ever!! Loretta Hayward owns quite a few rabbits and has a home business called Garden Gate Cards. She photographs her rabbits and turns the photos into cards (very abbreviated and sketchy description here!)! She recently published "On the Banks of Durbin Creek" (which you can find here ) and it is such a delightful and funny book!! We really appreciate the scripture that she has sprinkled throughout her books and cards.
Momma made this apron.......
.....and this matching clothespin bag last week! We have it up for sale at the Craft Fairs, and if it doesn't sell at those, Marmee wants it!
We are also selling these cute burlap bags that are great for.........

I think my Mom is nothing short of a genius to have thought of this idea!!!

I absolutely LOVE this clothespin bag! The colors are terrific and the fabric is "fun"! You can see it more in detail here.... I remember reading the Dick and Jane books when I was a kid and this brings back memories!

Tristan learned the art of "Trivet Making" from our Grandpa and has in turn begun blessing others with home made trivets! You might wonder what a trivet is..... I don't know the exact definition but according to "The Dictionary of Ashley" it is something somewhat related to a hot pad. In other words, you use it to put hot stuff on! We have a cabinet drawer with about six or eight of them in different sizes. I personally like this size as it's perfect for a casserole dish or a cookie sheet! We don't have them up on the website, and I think I'll ask Momma about loading them....

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