Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Video

Well, I have amazed myself and Marmee........ I was able to transfer stuff from her camcorder to my family's computer! Yesterday afternoon she and I were talking about the video that they captured of her "lil grands" first experience with a recorder (the musical kind!), and how she was unable to get anything transferred from the camcorder to her computer. I volunteered to take it home and see if I could transfer it to my family's computer and so I came home with camcorder, wires, and something that someone had bought to transfer to their computer. I stared, fiddled, and thought for about fifteen minutes and then Mom and I stared and fiddled for about five more. In the end, all I had to do was pull a wire out of what ever it was that the person had bought and plug it into the computer!!! Wallah!!! It worked and I'm astounded at myself!!!! We don't even own a camcorder and I've never messed with one before!!!

So, here is Marmee's "lil grand", Elise, and her experience with a recorder!

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