Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Birthday Boy!

Saturday was Sawyers' second Birthday! My, how the past two years have flown by! They've been terrific years and I've learned allot just by having him around!! Such as, consistency is KEY!

Here he is with the horse that he got! It will make noises if you pull or squeeze it's ear and he likes that. I don't think he really sees the need to ride on a stick with a horse head on it yet. At least, it doesn't appear to be enjoyable to him!

Momma hit the nail on the head when she gave him a "John Deere Tractor set"!! He plays with it all the time! Let's see... there's a tractor, a sprayer, several various kinds of trailers, and a four wheeler and they all connect together (except that the four wheeler goes in a trailer). He is enthralled with it!!

"Hammie" is growing up so fast. He's looking more and more like a little boy and is interested in big boy things like hammers (which, interestingly enough, he calls Hammys'). Happy Birthday little guy! I'm so glad you're part of our family!

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