Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Winter Garden

My summer garden was a beautiful sight and I gloried in it every day! Now that fall/winter is here I have planted pansies and hope that they perform well also (if I can keep the "caterpillars" from eating them).

My Foxglove
Since I'm letting the ground rest for the winter, that doesn't mean that I have to quit "gardening"!! It just means that I have plants in the house! I have found several really neat plants that you can either grow from bulb or buy already established.

My Orchid
About a year and a half ago I bought this orchid for my birthday after hearing all about orchids' from our neighbor, and seeing all of the ones she had. I knew that a person could easily spend $25-$30 on one potted plant the size of the one pictured above, and I knew that I could not spend that much. But, I found mine at Home Depot for roughly $10!!!
Orchids are houseplants as they come from a warm and humid climate. They only need to be watered once a week (you run lukewarm water over the roots for a little bit and then let it drain) and prefer bright light. If you take care of them they will re bloom, and re bloom, and re bloom, etc. for you!! Mine has bloomed three times since I bought it and am so hoping that it will do so for Christmas!

Amaryllis #1
My first encounter with Amaryllis was seeing Trevor's' bloom in his garden. I was captivated by the lush green leaves and the deep red flowers and have wanted one ever since (for my garden). I haven't done any study on them, but from what I've seen Amaryllis are house plants. I haven't found one like Trevor's' , so if anyone can enlighten me I would be delighted!!

Amaryllis #2
My dear mother knew that I really liked these plants and watched me eye the grow kits at Walmart and one day she came home from her shopping trip with TWO bulbs for me!!! I was tickled pink!!! Unexpected gifts are the best I think! Anyway, they have been in "the ground" for about three weeks now, and are really starting to perform! I'm going to need to re stake Amaryllis #1 and then stake both stalks on Amaryllis #2. I don't know what color these flowers will be, but whatever color they are I know I will be thrilled!

Angel Hair Fern-I think!
This fern was dug up the day we moved out of Greenville and has been in this pot ever since. It sits up in the bathroom as it's warm and humid quite often in there. Last year it died back and the fronds turned brown, but it has yet to even attempt to do that this "winter" (or is it fall still?) I suppose I could plant it in my garden, but I just never think about doing that!

All of these plants, except the fern, are in my room and make it seem more comfortable! I get excited as I can see visible growth in the Amaryllis each and everyday! Soon, the Orchid will start putting up it's stalk and I will be even more excited!!

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