Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Look at what came in the mail yesterday!!!! Daddy received this as a gift and none of us were even expecting it!!! Mom and I were tickled pink and soon after opening it decided that we had to watch it during supper!! So, we made chicken pot pie (in a baking dish) cooked some green beans and were ready to roll!!!
"The Return of the Daughters" is a documentary on "A vision of victory for the single women of the 21st. century" and you can see this theme throughout the movie. I was challenged and convicted about many things, but I was also encouraged.
Today, I've been thinking about why I considered this a good movie and why I would recommend it to other young women; here are a few of my thoughts.
1.) Anna Sophia and Elisabeth Botkin interviewed living examples of godly virtuous daughters.
For me, it's encouraging to know see "how it's supposed to work". I hear all these messages and gather all this information, but I don't see it in practice.
2.) The emphasis was on what scripture says, not on what the "interviewers" think.
Verses were brought up throughout the documentary to show what the Lord has in mind for women.
3.) It was challenging.
I saw so many areas that I need to work on, but the brother sister relationship that was emphasized in the bonus features really hit home.
4.) It gave hope for the future.
Seeing the living examples, hearing how it's changing lives, and seeing that there is a growing number of young women who are searching the scriptures for what the Lord wants them to do are so encouraging.
5.) I was pointed to the fact that I cannot be a virtuous daughter with out Gods' help.
Yes it's simple, but sometimes it's the obvious and simple things that hit home with me! If I seek the Lords' face and ask Him to give me the heart of a Virtuous Daughter, He will change me!! This is an exciting thought for me!!! I can look back over the past several years and see how the Lord has changed me! I know that He will change me if I am willing and ready to change and ask Him to help me!
I could most likely come up with many other things I was struck or challenged with, but this will do for now. I would encourage you to watch it if an opportunity arises!! You will not regret it!

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