Friday, November 9, 2007

Naptime with Sawyer

As Momma was leaving for the store not to long ago, she giggled out to me that......... "Sawyer has a library in his crib AND...... I think I smell something!" giggle, giggle, giggle! He had gone down for his nap about twenty minutes earlier and there were noises coming from the room that made one think that he wasn't very sleepy. So, being the adult that I am, I mentally prepared myself not to laugh, steeled my nerves against the odor that could possibly becoming from the room, grabbed the camera, and went to investigate!
Here's what I found!

Sissy, I needed something to pass the time in here!
His crib sits about a foot from a bookshelf and he has been known to pull all of the books off of any shelf he can reach!

Let's see what he was reading....

We like to start the educational process early here! He's trying to figure out how he needs to vote!

I can guarantee you that he chose this book because of it's bright and active cover!

He chose to read this book because he received five dollars from Grandma for his birthday, and he wants to spend it wisely!

Hmmm... I wonder if he will be this studious when he begins school?

All good and interesting things must come to an end, so Sayre picked up and put the books back together while I changed his diaper. Then he went BACK down for his "nappy". Look at that smile..... I wonder what he's up to now........ I think I need to go check on him!!!!

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