Monday, October 1, 2007

Catchin' Up...Again

No, I haven't officially dropped off the face of the earth although I'm sure it appears that I have!! Things became very busy soon after my last post, and I have had little time for "leisure activities".
I have made about 15 logs of soap in the past two weeks (which means that I have made 270 bars of soap) along with wrapping it all in waxed paper. I also had an order for fifty-five bars of soap that needed wrapping, in addition to other orders, along with cutting and "shaving" all of the soap I was making. Add in daily commitments and other "odd jobs".... It's been an interesting week to say the least!!!

At the beginning of the week, Collin got the four-wheeler stuck in the pond. He sprayed mud all over and Tristan tried to push him out, but they finally had to get "The Beast" involved!! "The Beast" is Daddy's 1970-something Ford truck that has survived all of us kids driving it. It has a propensity for jumping out of park (while running)........ It rolled down the driving way at our old house and took out our fence, it got away from Collin, ran into a tree and therefore has no tailgate, and I backed the Buick into it's side. It should be renamed "Ol' Faithful"!!!

Please pardon my dogs' head.....

It's becoming a habit with some people to get stuck in the pond. The lawnmower was the most recent "vehicle" to become stuck. Our pond obviously does not look like a pond should. Right now, the pond is probably an eighth of the size it should be. All of that mud and dirt SHOULD be under water. We haven't had any rain for a while- the water level should go up this fall/winter.

Speaking of Fall, I think it's here!!! We have been having BEAUTIFUL weather!!! The days are in the eighties and the night are..... chilly!! I love it!!! One of the first ways I can tell that Fall is here or on it's way, is that the sunlight is different and that the air seems clearer!

The leaves on this Bradford Pear (at least that's what we think it is) are starting to turn color! We can drive down the road and see the leaves going from green to yellow, orange, or red! I love seeing the different varieties of trees and what they do come fall!!

We have several Magnolia Trees and one is right off the house. It's taller than the house and FULL! You can't see the bottom of the tree as all of the bottom limbs haven't been cut off! It looks like a giant bush!

Our "front yard".
This is what you will see coming down our driveway. The tree on the far right is the magnolia I was telling you about. Momma is going to put a rose garden in on the left side of the house right behind the boxwood's that line the front. She's ordered the roses and we should get them in the next week or so!!! Oh, those two things sticking up along the driveway are to mark a hole where the drainage pipe is!

My Faithful Companion

This is my dog Jasper. I have two but he is the one who "hangs out" with me. He always wants to be where I am and is a fairly obedient dog. He is the only dog allowed in the house and takes full advantage of that! I raised him so that he would be with me most of the time and he knows that. He's a friendly dog after he get's to know you. Let him meet you on his terms and you'll be fine.


Pull his pants up to his armpits, add my glasses, and he's a cute little "nerd"!!!

Good night!

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