Wednesday, March 26, 2008

From My Bookcase

"Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of a long day, makes that day happier"~ Kathleen Norris

Oh how I love a good book!! I don't have much time to read anymore so when I do curl up with a book, I want that book to be GOOD!!!

I've been spending that past month or so reading through "The Annotated Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen which was annotated and edited by David M. Shapard. This is the second time I have read Pride and Prejudice and I must say that this reading was much more enjoyable!! Being able to read what is meant or implied or even just having something explained helps me to understand the story line so much better. I'm almost done with the book now; only two or three chapters to go!!!

Earlier this year I bought several Lamplighter books on sale and I've been rationing them out since I then!! The Prisoners of the Sea is the last one for me to read and I'm anxious to do so! I've heard that it's a really good book. From the Lamplighter website....
"Amidst the tumult of life at sea, myriad adventures of piracy, capture, and escape stand in contrast to the heroic, steady determination of Huguenot heritage. The final chapter adds to the intensity as it meets us head-on with a bolt from the blue, making an unexpected, legendary disclosure!"
This is enough for me to read it right now but I shall restrain myself until.....

A friend had recommended the puppy training book from The Monks of New Skete and I decided to get this book. My dogs aren't puppies but they sure have some rough edges!! I've read a little of the book so far and it's really good! Some of the things they recommend are things that I already do with the dogs!

The bag that Mrs. Paula made for me, is going to be my book bag for our upcoming trip!! It's roomy enough for me to fit everything I'll need in it, and it's very attractive!!
My reading list is very small this month! I'm finding that it's better to have a short list rather than a long one. Besides, I don't feel like I HAVE to read everything in ONE month!!!
Ohhhh, now I want to go curl up with my books and a cup of coffee or hot cocoa!!!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
Thank you for the quote you shared and all the good books you featured! I love those Lamplighter books, too! I have read Pride and Prejudice, and am reading it to Adam and Justin now. It is such a lovely book! The How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend looks good too!
I am so glad you are using your tote as a book bag. I have used mine for that too and to put small grocery items in from the health food store.

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Wow!! I'm impressed that you're reading your men folk Pride and Prejudice!! My brothers would be bored stiff if us ladies were to try anything like that! They have other "important" things to do!

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
Oh, I love what you shared! I should have mentioned that I read it to them when we are in the car running errands or in the evenings before bed. They enjoyed the movie, so they wanted to hear the book. When Adam is off work they are out fishing, wood-working or they will help me in the garden if I need it.