Monday, March 10, 2008

A Very Special Birthday!

Last Friday was my Birthday and it was by far the most special and meaningful Birthday that I've had yet. I'm not posting this because I want to "flaunt" the items that were given to me, but because I am truly thankful and tickled pink over what my family has done for me!! I honestly can't keep it in!

Friday morning dawned humid and rainy and totally put to rest any thoughts that I had about gardening; that was okay though, there were other things to do and projects to work on!
Momma let me know first thing that I was not allowed to do any house work, but I managed to wash some dishes and help out a little!! My dear Momma included Sawyer in the cake making process and he rotated between playing with the jeep and talking about making the cake! He likes to "helw" in the kitchen!

Sayre requested that I talk about the cake.... We have a recipe that has you save part of your batter to use as your frosting; the layers are raspberry jam and the combination of the frosting and the jam is perfect!! Not to sweet which is what I like!! It was delicious!!!

Momma received a package from dear, sweet Paula and we were thrilled to pieces to find several gifts included for me!!! It brightened our rainy day up immensely!!

Paula had made wall quilts for both Momma and myself. We are eagerly anticipating using them and are amazed at the amount of care and thoughtfulness that she put into them.

Mrs. Paula also made me this beautiful tote bag that I just cannot wait to use!!! I used it for Church yesterday and felt so feminine walking around with it on my shoulder!!
Thank you Mrs. Paula, you don't know what a blessing you are to us!

Last Tuesday I walked upstairs after giving piano lessons and found these roses and card laying on my bed!! My friend Adah had remembered my birthday and this was her gift! These were extra special as I have only received flowers once before!! They are beautiful and are still looking great a week later! Thank You Adah!

My first sewing machine arrived last week!! We found an add for it in the IWANA; it's fourteen years old and is totally mechanical which I'm going to have to get used to. It's in excellent condition for it's age and has allot of use left in it!!

Momma, Daddy, and the boys all contributed into my sewing notions gift! I'm using all of it as I type!

I love this print from Trivium Pursuit!! Johannah (Bluedorn)Stanford is a talented artist who has written/drawn several scripture picture books. We all sit and study her prints and feel so refreshed and invigorated after seeing them! You can see more of her art here.
I recieved many useful and needed things and I feel truly blessed to have such family and friends!
I'm off to garden!


Paula said...

Dear Ashely,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful birthday celebration with me! The cake looks so delicious!!! I would love to have the recipe! Your dear Momma and Sawyer look like they are having a great deal of fun baking your cake. What joy there is on their faces!

I am so delighted you and your Momma liked the wall quilts and that you have already used your tote! That just puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart. It is you and your Momma that are such a blessing to me!

Oh, those roses your friend Adah gave your are absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors. That was so sweet of her!

I love your new sewing machine! One would never know it is 14 years old. You can see it was well taken care of and is a high quality machine. You are going to enjoy sewing with it so much! The sewing notions are so nice, too!

I love Johannah Stanford's artwork! I love the print you have, it is my favorite! We have some of her books, and enjoy them so much!

I am so thankful you had a lovely birthday! Enjoy gardening!!!!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
The joy that is on Momma's and Sawyer's faces stayed there all day and it was passed on to everyone else!! I am truly blessed with my family!