Tuesday, March 25, 2008

From the Sewing Room

Despite the business of the past several weeks, I have been able to get some sewing done!! I have been amazed with myself for I have not hit the point where I can't stand to sew anything else!!

"All spread out"
I knew that I was going to have to start this project weeks in advance of when I needed it! I originally planned for this to be the dress that I wore at The Father Daughter Retreat in April, but I soon realized that I could also wear it for Easter!

"Putting in the Hem"
This dress was made in a very unique way; see, my Mother has come up with a "rendition" of the Regency Dress pattern that consists of different patterns and it of course it doesn't have "how to put it together" instructions!! Momma and I worked on it together as she is the only one that knows how to "sew it up"!!
"The finished product!"
I was thrilled to finally stitch the last button in around ten o'clock Saturday night! I got up Sunday morning and gave it a good pressing to make sure I had snipped all of the loose threads.I do hope that you can see the picture in a "larger sense" when you click on it.... I haven't quite figured out why I can't always do that...
Simple details
Momma and I decided to add a few simple extras such as a band where the bodice meets the skirt and.......
......a band around the neck. Hand sewing these to the dress was a first for me and I definitely learned allot!!
I'm so pleased with my dress!! I only have one problem with it..... and that is, I know where all the "boo-boos" are. I can be a little bit of a perfectionist at times, and not having a garment I made be without obvious mistakes (to me) is something that I am trying to overcome.
I have really learned from making this dress though and not all of it was sewing skills. No, I learned some character skills too!
"Do You Mind?????"
I hope I'm not the only one who has a cat that seems to think that all of your sewing projects are her personal property. Sometimes I wonder if she has a separation anxiety disorder or if she's just trying to exert her "authority" over me! Has anyone else been ironing their sewing project only to have the cat show up on the ironing board and not leave?
My family says that the cat goes with me when I marry........ theoretically, she's not even mine. I just scoop the litter box and get blamed for all of her "bad behaviour". Technically, she's Mommas cat.

This dress will carry some very fond memories with it. My fondest is Momma and I getting up before seven o'clock on Saturday morning to sew but instead sit and talk at the sewing machines until nine o'clock! Precious memories....

"Two Peas in a Pod"
I just have to share this picture!!! I'm reminded of the verse in Revelation (I think) where it says something to the effect of, the lion shall lay down with the lamb.
Happy spring time!!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
What a delightful post! I always enjoying reading your writings (and your dear Mommas' too!) You did a beautiful job sewing up your "Regency" dress. I just love the fact that your Momma can make up a new pattern or alter one. The dress is so pretty, as is the seamstress! I dare say you have caught the sewing bug since you shared "that you have not hit the point where I can't stand to sew anything else!" That is a good sign! When I have felt very discouraged about sewing I have said in haste, that I do not think I want to keep trying, but that feeling passes and I pray and continue on. Thankfully it seems to be coming a little easier these days, and I remember to take my time and not get distressed! My husband encouraged me a great deal.
That dress will be perfect for the Father Daughter Retreat! I know you and you dear Daddy will have a wonderful time! I look forward to seeing photos.
The hand sewing you did on your dress is excellent! You did a great job! I am a bit of a perfectionist at times too, so I understand just what you mean about seeing all the boo-boos. But, I am sure they are just little things that no one would notice and as my husband tells me, "nothing in this life is perfect." How true! I also realized store bought clothing has lots of mistakes, so do not fret over those little boo-boos, look at your overall dress and how well it turned out!!! Is one of the character skills you learned patience? :) I know that is one I am continually learning, especially when it comes to sewing!
Your cat, or should I say your Momma's cat, looks so content! I think it is so funny she likes to lay on your projects, and "exert her authority over you!" If I sit on the floor and lay out fabric my beloved Pearl will come lay on it. I do not know why, but she loves to lay on the fabric, patterns, etc.
I love the picture of you looking out of the window! I am so glad you and your dear Momma had a good visit and added more precious memories to the ones you both already have!
The last photo is so sweet of the "two peas in a pod!"! I love the verse that came to your mind.

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Yes, one of the things that the dress taught me was patience along with not getting stressed out because it was taking so long to make! All in all I'm very pleased with the dress and I cannot wait to wear it again!!!
Thank you for your comment!

Ashley said...
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