Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Brothers

My brothers are active, hardworking, outdoor loving guys!! They do not like to be cooped up inside!
I witnessed a "brother moment"-meaning things they do or get themselves into- at our pond today and it brought back many a memory of last summer.......

"Tristan and his favorite work vehicle last summer"
Out of all of the boys, Tristan (almost eighteen) is probably the one that works the hardest and longest. If he wasn't here, we would be in big trouble as he is the one who mows our "acres" of grass, keeps up with maintenance, and clears brush. He has recently finished building a fence around a good portion of our field, and is going to get some cows in April.

"Nailing the fencing to the posts"
Saturdays' and sometimes Fridays' are spent working outside or working on the addition. They have been very faithful with the projects. Here, Daddy, Trevor (almost 22), Tristan, Sayre (twelve), and Sawyer (two) are working on Tristan's' fence.

I must explain the next batch of pictures.... Sayre asked me to help him last Friday; he's into catching frogs and crawdads..... he really knows allot about aquatic creek life! So.....

"First you tie a rope around the raft"
Sayre wanted to see what was under this pine log raft and as we have found/see/run into copperheads and other snakes around the pond, he needed my help. Using the truck I was to pull the raft over and he would see/protect himself from what ever was under the raft!!

"Making sure the rope is tight"
On a different note, our pond has doubled in size since Christmas!! It's muddy looking because it doesn't have a creek feeding it. It's purely a rainwater pond.

"Can I get in on the action?!"
I had to post this picture because it's a "classic Buck" picture!!! Buck is Tristan's' dog and acts like he's about ready to fall asleep half the time!!!

"Protecting Himself"
I won't tell you what he found under there..... Oh, he's been watching out for all of the eggs that the frogs have been laying lately!! I've found a mass of them myself and they are quite interesting!

"Dust cloud in the garden"
This is how the boys "plow" the garden. They take dirt bikes, four wheelers, the truck, or anything that has wheels and burns gas to the garden and practice their donuts or fishtailing or whatever else they can the vehicles to do!! This practice is now being considered bad as we need all of the dirt in our garden!!!

"Getting it unstuck"
Believe it or not (and I'm ashamed to admit) this is what our pond looked like last August. It got much lower as the months went on...... Anyway, this is right after the boys acquired the four wheeler so they were trying out it's limits!! Tristan (on the left) seems to be "on call" to pull people out of our pond. He's gotten to the point that if he evens see a truck headed to the pond, he pulls out the chains or rope and drives down there!!! Notice how Collin seems to be relaxing while Tristan is doing all the work..... !!
Sayre wants me to let you know that Collin sprayed mud all over the canoe right after he had "spruced" it up. He had spent time washing it and caulking the cracks it has. He was not happy when he found that Collin had destroyed all of his hard work!
My brothers are a good group of guys; I can't wait to see how the Lord uses their different talents!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
What a delightful post! I can see how proud you are of your dear brothers. It is such a blessing that you all have one another!!!

I am glad your brothers are such hardworking guys and enjoy being outdoors. I can see they have lots of fun around there! I know the Lord has very special plans for each one of them.

Buck is so cute and I must say he does look like he is about ready to fall asleep!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Please forgive my lack of response to your comment. It has been a busy past two days with cleaning and helping a friend nearby!
I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I find great amusement in watching the antics of my brothers and looking on in astonishment at everything they accomplish!! I definately have the better end of the stick for I get to observe everything that they do around here!!
Tristan got the laugh when he saw Bucks picture on my blog!! He thought it was great!!! Even though Buck might look adorable-which in itself is highly debateable- don't be fooled.... he's not always an angel!! :o)