Monday, March 24, 2008

Over the Garden Fence

My garden has really come together in the past several days and it was all un-planned and un-meditated!! I started working on one area and it just progressed into other areas!!
My Garden Basket
I began planting seeds last Thursday and my basket is serving as my "center of operations" these days!! I have seeds, bulbs, Marmees Garden Diary, scissors ~to cut flowers, a vase~to put the cut flowers in, hand rake and shovel, and "mr. bird" to liven my garden up!!
It's time to go a gardenin'!!!

" A Conference on How Tall the Plants will get"
My first goal was to place a birdbath and plants shasta daisy, black eyed susans, lupine, and cosmos seeds around it.

Bird Bath area before I did anything.......
.......and after placing the Bath and planting the seeds!
It was simple to make this bird bath! All you need is a "log" and a ceramic/clay dish for the bath; it takes minutes to assemble!! I put a flat rock under my base to help keep it from tipping over.
I'm very pleased with the results!

Chasing a Bee
Lila is my garden "helper" although I tie her far enough away so she doesn't do any damage!! She mainly just sits in the shade and keeps me company. I love taking a few minutes to rub her belly or give her a "doggy massage" which she relishes with delight!!

"Soaking up the Rays!"
The second goal was to start planting the other seeds I had.
The only problem with this picture is that Buck is laying right where I had planted butterfly weed seeds fifteen minutes earlier!! As my Daddy said.... "he was compacting the seeds for you!".

Most of My Garden
I figured out how to use the stitch assistant on my camera!! The garden looks huge and spread out but it really isn't. On the right is the strawberry patch (you can see fresh brown mulch in it). The area on the left (around the circle) is the newer part.
These pictures were taken on Thursday and then I really got going Friday and Saturday!! I'll have to share those pictures another day!
Happy Gardening!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
I enjoyed your "Over the Garden Fence" post so much! I love your basket full of garden goodies! What a clever idea. I love to use baskets, they are so old-fashioned!

The photo of you and your dear Momma is so sweet! (And Buck, too!) You both are lovely ladies!!!

I absolutely love how you have your garden laid out. The birdbath is a fantastic idea! Very rustic and country looking! Your garden layout is wonderful and I look forward to seeing all the seeds you planted grow and bloom.

Pearl, like Lila, enjoys the garden and playing with bumble bees! I know Lila enjoys you taking time out to give her a "doggy massage!"

I got so tickled at Buck "compacting the seeds for you," as your dear Daddy said!

Thank you for sharing your delightful garden. I am inspired! I look forward to seeing more!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Thank you for your comment and I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I fear that I probably post a little to often on the "goins' on" in my garden, but I can't help it! It's a spot of great delight and joy to me! There is something about working in the garden that makes you relax and feel the stress drip away. Then you add in "tenderly caring" for the plants and pulling the weeds.... it's an ongoing project that brings such joy and satisfation!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this!

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
You are so welcome! I do not think you post about gardening too much at all!!! I love to see your garden and hear about all your ideas, and what you are planting. I know just how you feel when you said, "It's a spot of great delight and joy to me!" I feel the same about my garden, and I find it is relaxing and a great stress relief as well. Oh yes, a garden does bring such joy and satisfaction! Keep up your wonderful garden posts! You inspire and encourage me in my own gardening endeavors!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
It's good to hear that I'm not posting "to much" on my garden and that I can inspire and encourage you in your own gardening!