Saturday, March 22, 2008

Odds and Ends

Whew!! What a week!! I'm glad it's over for I'm ready to slow down a bit and recuperate for several days!!

"A Picnic"
Sawyer generally has a snack after his nap and has been bringing that snack out to my garden lately. Here he's eating some of "Mee-Naws" bread with honey. Jasper.... well, he takes whatever he can find!

"Tossing the Salad"
Sawyer has become quite the helper in the kitchen! He observes what you are doing or have done, and then does it himself. Here, I had told him to "mix the salad" up.... which kept him busy for twenty minutes!! Last night he "woll and pat" (rolled and pat.... he and Momma read a book in which the little girl rolls and pats her own crust out.) one of the pizza crusts for me!!
It's a real treat to see him wanting to help and be involved in what you're doing!
"Basking In the Warm Spring Sunshine"
It's getting to the point where it might be a little warmer outside than inside these days!! Therefore, eating ice cream requires sitting in the sun!

"Putting In the Shelves"
The pantry is done and boy are Momma and I excited!!!

As soon as it was completed, Momma began moving in!! She is thrilled to death to have someplace to put all of the "kitchen clutter" that had been piled up on counters, under tables, and against walls (can you tell that we didn't have very much kitchen storage space?!). Oh it's just wonderful!!

"Drivin' Home"
Last Saturday, Daddy, Trevor, and Tristan went to a farm auction in Due West looking for a tractor..... and look what they came home with!!! It has been in constant use ever since as there are trees to be knocked over and dirt piles to spread. The boys are really enjoying this new piece of machinery!

Last Saturday found most of us trying to escape the rain! Some how Sayre wound up in the sewing room making masks, costumes, and harness and leash for one of his rabbits. It was quite interesting especially when he sat down at Mommas sewing machine!! Now picture Trevor and Sayre sitting at the machine TRYING to figure out how to use it!!!! It was very interesting for sure!
I'm off on the next great adventure for today!! Finishing up some sewing!!!!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
I am so glad to see you back! I have missed you and your Momma! I am happy that all is well and that you have just been busy! I enjoyed your post so much! The photos are wonderful! Sawyer and Jasper look like they are having a lovely snack in the sunshine! It is so sweet to see Sawyer helping you cook! He is a darling boy and a very good helper! I love the way he says things like "woll and pat."
You and Sawyer look so sweet "basking in the warm sunshine" and eating ice cream!
Oh the pantry is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Your brothers did an outstanding job! I know you and your dear Momma are both so very happy to have is finished! The yellow and white paint is so very cheerful and looks so good together! I would love to see more pictures when you all have it filled up.
I am so glad your Daddy and brothers found a tractor. It is so pretty, if tractors are allowed to be called pretty! I am sure they are enjoying it.
I see your dear Momma has Bernina's too. How did Sayre's sewing projects turn out?
I look forward to seeing what you have been sewing!

Ashley said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Oh yes, Momma and I are so glad to finally have everything organized in one spot now! Although this means that I have to re-learn where Momma puts everything!! It seems like she re-arranges the cupboard every month or so. Maybe this means that everything finally has a permanant home!!
Yes, Momma has a Bernina machine and serger and I love them both. It's been rather interesting learning to sew on a mechanical machine when I'm so used to a computerized one! Sayres' sewing projects turned out... I think. The harness idea was pretty much no good, but the mask turned out! I'm so amazed that the rabbits put up with that kind of stuff!!
Have a Blessed Easter!

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
I am so glad that you and your Momma have a place to organize all your kitchen things. I like to re-arrange my cupboard too, so she may still do that now and then. LOL! I have a Bernina sewing machine and serger too. I, like you, love using them. I am sure you are doing well learning on your mechanical machine. Do you like it? Does it sew nicely? I am glad Sayres' mask turned out. Oh, I would love to see the rabbits in those. Have a blessed Easter, too! Thank you!